Chernobyl ants?

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  1. I fished them for the first time this weekend. Caught a few smaller smallies. Has anyone used them? wondering if dead drift is best or if you give them any action..? just what worked best for you. Had minimal success but a fun pattern to fish with for sure.
  2. I usually let my topwaters sit until at least the rings disappear. I have found that SM may wait and watch for a fair amount of time. I love the ones that immediately hit the fly as soon as it touches. I've also noticed that Rockies seem to like the fly moved just a touch before they hit.

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    i've used those and beatles and crickets and stuff on top and I find that if I cast it out and let it land, sit for a few then I make small jerks like a bug is moving on the water. also I will sometimes jiggle my rod and make the bug make lil rings around it like its struggling. I haven't caught any bass like this but I have had gills jump 6 inches out of the water and aggressivly take it hard on this retrieve. I think there wasn't much bass around tho. the gills loved it tho.