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  1. Was wondering if anyone has tried them chemical suits from Sportsman Guide ? Their like carbon suits for $15 to $20.. I know you get what you pay for. Just an idea for something NEW I really don't need..........LOL......Rich
  2. It is just like scent loc,and from what i have read they are a waste of money.

  3. Hey Truck which is a waste of money Scent loc suits or chemical suits? Thanks......Rich
  4. Both,from what I have read.Within the first few time you wear them the carbon is full.They say to just keep your clothes clean with scent free with detergent as best as you can and use the wind!!!daryl
  5. Thanks Daryl I decided not to go with the suit and buy something more practical like clmbing sticks................Rich
  6. I cannot comment on the chemical suits, but Scent Lok, Scent Blocker, ect. are NOT a waste. They absolutly DO work, and work well. But, if, and ONLY IF they are taken care of and used properly. They are not a crutch, and will not hide a mistake. Your scent control routine must be perfect and complete. They are just another tool in the routine. Most people are too lazy to use them correctly, therefore they think they're a gimmick. The idea that the carbon is full after a few times out is crap too, though I've read it before, from someone that was "supposedly" in the industry. A little research will go a long ways in understanding how they work.
  7. I totally agree with M.Magis on this one. I will never go bowhunting without my ScentLok. Like he said, if you take care of them, they will take care of you. I still try to play the wind, but sometimes when the wind starts doing circles, my suits have bailed me out more than once. Last season I purchased a gore tex one too, just so I could have the scentlok in the rain. To me, the ScentLok is just as important as my bow when I go out. I normally hunt 4 nights a week, and I usually reactivate the carbon about every two weeks. I also use cover scents as well, but since I bought my first scentlok suit 5 years ago, I have been a lot closer to a lot more deer, and have not been scented one time by any deer that I have seen. I know first hand that they do work!! ;)
  8. I have done alot of research on them,but hey someone always will buy the new things out there.If you know it works and gets you closer thats great.Good hunting ;) daryl
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    I'll vouch for Scent Lok also, If you use it along with other scent control techniques like scent killer spray, scentless deodorant,storing your clothes in big ziplock bags or rubbermade totes, and not wearing your hunting clothes except when hunting( This means not wearing them while driving to you hunting spot)
    The articles I've read that discredit scentlok/scentblocker all bases their argument on the high temps needed to completely regenerate the carbon. While its true that a home dryer cannot reach the temps needed to completely regenerate it they do partially regenerate it to the point that it is once again able to absorb more scent. My point is that a it doesn't need to be completely cleaned to still work.......Its kinda like a sponge...will a sponge work if its totally dry, yes, but it will also work as long as it is not completely saturated, once its saturated you can wring out some of the water(not all though) and it will be able to absorb liquid again.
  10. I'm not much on any suits but never hunt/scout without using "Scent Killer"...
    I wash my clothes using baking soda to eliminate odor by placing them in a plastic garbage can 1/2 filled with tap water that has set out no less then 24 hrs and nomore then 48 to remove clorine/chemical smells...and I use a toilet plunger to work the clothes over to remove any scent. If they are dirty from mud or such all the better I say it simply adds to the camo pattern... Scent is what needs to be eliminated...
    I hang dry them outside when possible or dry in my extra old dryer that is now only used for my hunting clothes. After drying I store everything in an air tight container, including boots, socks, underwear, T-shirts and other clothing. At times I may place a cut up apple or fresh cut pine branch in a plastic garbage bag with my clothes depending on time of year and food source or area I am hunting/scouitng...
    I also shower before I hunt, when possible, using "Scent Killer" products...
    I spray myself down with "Scent Killer" before entering my vehicle which also gets sprayed down on the area I am sitting. My feet rest on a spare toss rug I also wash and spray. I spray again upon leaving my vehicle and never put on my hunting clothes till I am near my stand site area and after again spraying myself good...
    All this spraying may have one asking why not simply purchase a suit? Well as often as I hunt/scout I'd need 4-5 sets of suits and that is just too much $$$ for me to toss out at this time anyway LOL
    Onething that everyone is quilty of is going to and from your stand location using the same trail or even creating one. Try going in and out a diff way each and everytime and also play the wind as best you can when going to and from...
    My take is you spend good $$$ on guns, ammo, bows and anything else you may need but many hunters think their equipment will overcome their shortcomings in other areas (scent control) when it will not. Spend the $$$ on scent killing and remember your in your targeted games house and they know every smell and why its there and why it should not be...
  11. I didn't waste my money on the suit just been reading everything possible on scent elimination. Thanks for the advice guys..............Rich
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    I vouch for Scent Lok, but I still use scent control on every garment, underwear, socks, cover scent on boots, etc....that's just me. I've had deer withing 10' of me while I was on the ground and they never knew I was there, that is enough confidence for me.
  13. I get the Buckmaters tip of the week. This weeks tip was get activated charcoal from a pet store, fish section around the filters. Place it in a woman's nylon hose, no she can't go with you, in your clothing bag or trunk to absorb the odors. Also smash more charcoal and use it to dap against your clothes when you get dressed to go, it should mask/absorb your odor as well as leaving a black power on you and your stuff. I may try this myself but I do use fallen maple leaves from my trees, and stir them up several times a year, maybe also a pine bow.
  14. I have not broken down and pruchased a chemical suit, scent loks, etc. but I imagine that it would work pretty effectively. As an alternative I wash all of my garments even the outing layers several times throughout the season in scent killer detergent. I keep all of my clothes out in my garage in a container with a scent killing powder. I use the scent sprays as well. I believe that all of these things work but none are a complete answer. Your body will emit odors every time you go out. I think every edge you can get helps. But the ultimate consideration is to set up properly with the wind. If there is a breeze at all you eliminate any odor risks at all if the deer are upwind or crosswind.

    Also, a note to Header on using the leaves and pine boughs. You may already be doing this but keep in mind that those leaves are only a scent mask which means you are attempting mask or cover whatever smells may exist. You should still wash all of hte garments in whatever preffered scent eliminating product that you choose and do so frequently. I think some people mistaken the scent masks as a scent eliminator.
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    just my opinion ..........................i have people i know that hunt from ground blinds and sit their and smoke and they have shot deer that have come in down wind from them i would never do that but whatever works for them :rolleyes: .............i use i think it is made by HT it is in a spray bottle (white with green writing on it) it smells just like dirt i also use fox or coon urin that i spray around me to mask my sent the only thing i noticed last year is a doe picked me out of a tree ..........she wasent spooked i think she knew something was their but kept eating then looking at me thinking about the 5 year old coveralls that i was wearing and the uv effect that detergent has on cloths i think i am buying a new pair this year because i wear them to hunt and fish in buddy parks his quad behind his ground tent and sees deer all the time and has shot 4 deer in the last 3 years kinda makes you think if the deer just get used to certin things?????????................jim :)
  16. Just happened upon an interesting article.

    Its full of scientific gobbley gook but essentially boils down to this:

    A guy tested dogs detecting persons in "scent-lok" type suits versus regular street clothes. HIS interpretation of the result was that the suits were not effective. However, if you drill down into the data they were effective to an extent. The dogs found 95% of those in suits and 100% of those without (truly an insignificant 5% because of issues with the one dog being sick).


    The dogs finding folks in the suits took almost a full minute longer to scent them. Also, the dogs were on average 11 meters (12 yards) closer to the scent lok folks.

    He discounts this as statistically meaningless. 12 yards is not at all meaningless when you are talking about the difference between a 40 yard shot and a 28 yard shot.

    Finally, I have to question the use of dogs...some articles I could find stated that a dog has a sense of smell approximately 1,000,000 times better than ours. I would downgrade that but still...the best I could find was that deer are about 20 times better smellers than us. Hardly a fair comparison (granted, this was not his goal).

    So...the daggone things work right? Well, that is for someone else to prove. I will not buy it for 2 reasons:

    Activated carbon is almost useless adsorbing hydrocarbons when wet...and unless the contaminant is forced through the carbon vessel there is no guarantee that the stinkiness ever comes in contact with the carbon. In other words, heated air from around your body will come out around your neck, under your shirt etc. without going through the scent lok.
  17. Onion, your absolutely right! They certainly do have limitation, but it seems most people think that they're supposed to be foolproof. They're not. A full head/neck cover is essential for exactly the reason you explained. There must be no way for the scent to escape without going through the suit. Now one can never expect the suit to trap ALL of the scent, but it does significantly decrease what is being released. As for being not working if wet. If I'm that soaked, I'm probably headed home anyway, which is why I bought a waterproof suit this year. All in all, I didn't pay anymore for the carbon rainsuit than I would for a quality camo rainsuit, maybe less since I got it on sale. You're also right about a dog having a better sence of smell than deer. I can't remember the numbers, but it's a fair amount. I was always skeptical, but after 4 years of using carbon suits, there's absolutely zero doubt that they do work as advertised, if used properly and part of an entire scent reducing routine! Unfortunately, many people think they're a crutch and that they can just throw the suit on and go hunting. When they still get winded, they claim they don't work. :rolleyes:
  18. Amen!

    And as they say, if it makes you more confident, and doesn't hurt, it has to be good!
  19. Your right about the coverup with leaves, I do wash my suits a couple of times a season. I still use the scentless cover spray along with any drop scents. Also use the 35mm film cans with cotton balls and scents and clip them on tree limbs approx. 15-20yds up wind from me, those seem to work well and that distance the deer focus on them rather than me.
  20. I always use 3 scent bombs during archery season. One goes right above my head (I hunt from the ground primarily) and two go downwind of me to try and drown out any human scent I am sending that way.