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Checking Your Bait???

Discussion in 'Catfish Discussion' started by bassattacker, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. ive not seen this asked before so i thought id see what everyone else thinks.

    how long should u wait before checking your bait... live or cut? considering its been in the water for some period of time.

    i usually let it sit out for a long period say around 30-45 minutes sometimes longer, would this be too long, cause ive always heard if there not biting at that exact spot ur batis at a slight adjustment in cast might trigger a strike yes no?
  2. bigdogsteve-o

    bigdogsteve-o The Catfishing God

    If I am using big bait I will leave it foe a long time,almost 2 hours sometimes,smaller baits I recast about every hour or so.

  3. If I'm in a place that I feel confident that there are fish, and I am using a good piece of LIVELY bait, I'll leave it out there all night. I keep my line just tight enough that I can usually feel, or see it moving around. I've always felt that when you through that 6 oz sinker out there in that quite water, that it will probably keep those smart and antsy fish away if thery are in the area.
    If I'm using cut bait or liver or anything other than live bait I usually check it about every haph hour or so.

    Id like to hear from Magis or Robby on this one. I fish in the river so it probably make a bigger difference when your fishing a lake where it seems to be quieter at night.

  4. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i'm with clickercrazy on the big live bait.especially for flatheads.i will check other baits periodically if the bite is slow.

    as for robby and mike,they do the same.once the bait is out,they curl up in their sleeping bags and go to sleep till the bite alarm starts screaming:D
    we will check for movement once in awhile,but basically the bait stays put till quitting time if not molested sooner.
  5. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    Yeap, I agree, I don't like moving my live bait unless I have to.
  6. as long as i am confident that my bait is still alive i like to keep it there as long as my patience will let me. as for cut bait i change that every 10-15mins, keeps fresh bait and in smaller rivers i have problems with turtles snacking on cut so the more i check it the less time the rig is in the water without bait
  7. what about after you get a hit and you miss? how long do you leave it after that?
  8. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    if i get bit good eneough to swing and miss,i always reel in and check/change bait.
  9. LOL! I kinda got that from one of his posts a few weeks ago. My great grandpa always said " your not holding your mouth just right." which it seemed in his case was wide open and snoring:D ! Must have been right though. He always caught the bigger fish.

    Ya think they'll jump in here and defend themselves? LOL! :p

    Just kidd'n guys, seems they deffinately got thier system perfected.

  10. thanks for the info, i alywas try to leave it out as long as possible but sometimes the darn it it got hit but hasnt ran in like 40 minutes bug gets me and i check it, from now on ill just let it rot lmfao unless i am sure its a done deal that its either gone or its just beat up thanks again for the wisdom and im sure there is others that have different technics and such and im sure more will chime in.
  11. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    not for awhile.robby is enjoying 3 weeks on the bank right now.i'm sure mike is at least spending weekends with him if he's not on vacation too.
  12. cut bait...20-25min tops. live bait... if there has been no runs or clicks at all i will leave it be for about an hour. after that i will give a quiick tug on the line and feel if there is anything struggling on the other end. if i feel nothing then i will give it another 10 and try again. no movement...its comming in. most of the places i fish are infested with crayfish and if they are active they will tag-team your bait and quickly devour it leaving a bare hook, and you will never know it happened.
  13. With cut bait, its 20-30 mins tops if I haven't had a hit. You always wanna try to have fresh cut on at all times. I fish rivers for cats so there is always the possibility I am snagged also.

    For live bait, as long as it is out there kicking it will stay out there all night. Throwing a half pound bait with a 2oz-3oz sinker will take its toll on that bait if you repeatedly keep casting it out. If my bait is getting a little sluggish I will reel it in, rebait, and cast to a different area.