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Hello all,
Wanted to stop by and check out the site and offer my services. I am a taxidermist in Cincinnati and would like you to take a look at my site when you get a chance. I am mostly a mammal taxidermist but really enjoy fish, But unfortunately I do not get very many of them. I think cause most of us are catch and release. Well I can still help you even if you release the one that didn.t get away. This year I have decided to start a new side business or a new trend dare I say. I will be doing some fish reproductions. Though I do not have any on the site now but this year keep checking in for different fish. I am currently working on Bluegill that I am hoping to have done shortly. So if you are a hunter or you enjoy fishing and even if you would like to have a reproduction fish of any kind in your home to help with a decoration of your cabin or a den Please feel free to email or call us. And visit our site. And I hope to see you at the Cincinnati Travel Sport and Boat Show in Jan. 2012.

Good luck out there
Doug Stone
Creative Wildlife Taxidermy Studio
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