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    5 years ago I was at Lake Murray, believe we were in Buffalo creek , turned the bend and there was this guy in one of those. however his put this guy;s to shame, had it decked out with trolling motor, battery and swivel seat, quite suprisingly it was a rather stable little dea for the calmer waterl, don't know how legal it was but it looked pretty cool, I shot video of it and even interviewed the guy, really funny, he got into it and gave us a 5 minute disertation about how he made it etc, he was a very "Homegrown" southerner and the video is always fun to watch

  2. ParmaBass

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    Get rid of the Grizzly and go for it man! Two 101lb's on the back of that thing and you could really fly!
  3. That picture has been floating around online for a while. I actually believe that I even have that photo in my gallery.

    EDIT: I guess I do !! :)
  4. holy crap! six batteries and the weight of those 101's! wow!
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    You might have to fish without a partner I guess. There's plenty of room for 6 batteries under the lawn chair.
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    He needs to extend those pontoons a lil, and put his cooler full of beer on the front with a bottle of JD in case the battery goes dead.