Check in a deer on Thanksgiving

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  1. I shot a deer last night 11/26 but recovered it this am 11/27. Is there a check in station open in Summit co. on Thanksgiving? I call several including the DOW and no answers. Also, do I fill in the kill date on the tag as 11/26 or 11/27. I know you can check in a deer the day after harvest, but not sure if that started yesterday when killed or today when retrieved.
  2. Here is the pic of 8 pt. shot 11/26 and retrieved 11/27. He came into the bean field late in the afternoon with a smaller 8 pt. I did not have much of a shot but squeezed the arrow right into his powerhouse. There is a nicer buck on the property. I hope my dad gets it Monday am.

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    The date should be when you found it. Even though you hit it yesterday, you didn't find it, to tag it, until this AM.
    Nice job on finding the deer. That's a true sportsman that doesn't give up.
    You can check the deer in your county or any check in station in your district. Gander Mountians here in Columbus checks deer so you may check there. Our local stores are open from 3PM until 9:00 today.
  4. Call Gander Mtn. after three pm. They are open up here in the Cleveland area today, Thanksgiving day, from 3pm to 9pm. Nice buck by the way!
  5. Regulations say you have until 8pm the following day to check it in. Pg,16
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    Yep, check it in tomorrow.:)
  7. Checked it in at the District 3 DOW. I asked them about what date to put on tag...actual shot date or recovery date. They were kind of non-commital. I also asked if I would have found the deer Wed night and could not find an open check station, what could have I done since I did not find one on Thurs. They said if I would have called early this morning and explained what happened, that everything would have been ok. Next decision is to decide if I am going to do a shoulder mount or just a skull mount.
  8. thats a nice deer brotha. definate shooter. trust me guys its just as impressive to see in person as it is in the pic. im just salty you didnt call me in the am to go help you find it haaa. id think about tryin to do the whole skull mount that would be pretty cool i bet.
  9. I vote skull mount. I love that mount but dont have any. My next buck will definately be a skull mount. Very nice buck by the way!!
  10. Ice..I was going to call soon as I found the arrow or blood I did not find either. I went to look where I heard a crash and he was piled up there. I was starting to think I hit a branch and missed since no blood and no arrow. I like the skull mount also.
  11. Congrats on the great buck! You should mount him any way you choose. He will make a nice mount no matter what you choose.
  12. lindy. i seen a crap load of deer this evening man down at our places. i seen 33 does and 3 bucks. one was a buckeye big buck member no doubt.
  13. Good luck and be safe. Help the Slayer get that big boy.
  14. seen him bedded down on tuesday. to bad the slayer wasnt down tuesday hopefully friday.