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  1. Is it cheating to use live bait or real egg sacks instead of imitations or flies while fly fishing? I have seen people do it and so have I, but I prefer not too.
    My buddies always ask why dont I when there catching steelhead on eggs, but to me(my opinion only) it feels like im cheating myself in the sport. Like to hear your opinions! Thanks.
  2. This is really interesting.

    I do not consider it true "fly" fishing if using live bait, BUT.......
    I like to keep some gills for the freezer a couple times a year. If I choose to use live bait, who is to judge my presentation? Now that you make me think of it, I enjoy the fly rod "mechanics" & the "fight" I get with the fly rod more than spinning, & the presentation is certainly more natural, so why shouldn't I try it? It would certainly be more enjoyable to me....HMMM. I guess the real question may be, "do we fear being looked down on if "caught" presenting live bait with a fly rod?". My view is that as long as you enjoy yourself within the law & posted regulations & respect the environment we all share, then DO IT!!

    Kruggy...From your posts that I've seen, you certainly don't strike ME as a "cheater"...I guess I view "cheating" as encroaching upon & crowding someone you saw catch a fish, ignoring posted regulations, or keeping excessive numbers of fish. I'd be happy to share water with you...flies OR live bait.

  3. cheating? nah, thats using your skill with a fly rod to a get a very natural drift with live bait, use the tools you have thats what catches more fish
  4. I truly enjoy fishing with artificial fly's and lures but if everyone else are catching on bait I will put on some garden hackle, thread a maggot or hang a sack also. To me, the greatest feeling is to have a fish pulling on the end of my line so i will do what is needed to attract him and enjoy the fight.
    Bottom line and to answer your question,,,,,,,,no, it isn't cheating it is being smart.:)
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    Is it cheating? No it is perfectly legal in OH so its not cheating. Will you ever see me do it? Not a chance. No way. Never. No maybe. No just this once. Never ever.
  6. cheating? no. but youre bait chucking and not flyfishing. why bother with a fly rod if youre going be chucking bait? really doesnt make sense at all.
  7. of a spinning rod make you a fly fisher? Fly rods are just another form of presenting an item to catch fish (sorry if I offended any purest out there). I use a fly rod because I enjoy the presentation flexibilty that it allows me and the lack of need for live bait since I tye my own flys and can match just about any live bait, hench no need to stop at a bait shop. Use any type of lure, fly, bait or whatever you want to call it you feel like Kruggy1.
  8. Theres alot of great points made on all your replies, I guess I shouldnt fell so bad to try real bait once in awhile. I got to agree about fly rods having a very natural presentation, and being very versitle fishing tools. THanks.
  9. I read somewhere, although I can't remember where right now, that in the past it wasn't uncommon for some folks to use bait or small fly rod lures on the fly rod. Is it cheating? Well I guess that depends on ones definition of cheating.
    Using bait on the fly rod isn't something I'm willing to do, I just enjoy catching fish on the flies that I tied myself. Unfortunately if you want to do it then your going to have to expect to be ridiculed by at least some of your fly rodding peers .

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    Fly rods DONT give a very natural presentation. The ANGLER gives a very natural presentation. If your flyrod smells like anything other than fish you are not flyfishing.
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    " I'd be happy to share water with you...flies OR live bait."

    Tuber that is only cause you havn't fished/hunted with K1 for the last 10 years. Lets just say you shouldnt show him where your treestand is or your favorite fishin hole. LOL haha.
    Just a joke Mike.
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    You can do anything you want. Its up to you if you want to be a pure flyfisherman or just a fisherman who likes to experiments with different thing. I don't see nothing wrong with anything myself but I don't use live bait as I like to use flies the right way. As long as use the right hooks so as not to kill or injure fish if you plan on CPR.