Cheap planer boards!

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  1. Wal Mart in Eastlake Ohio has about a dozen offshore planer boards. They are assorted rt and lt ones. They have flags and releases included. They are marked down from $40 to $25. I have seen these same boards USED go for more on the OGF marketplace!!! Hurry, they are on the clearance aisle toward the end. -Gabe
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    Dang I would like to have those...
    Got some yellow birds for 11 dollars only downside is no flags...

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    Looks like they jacked up the price so they could mark them down. I remember not too long ago when the everyday price was around 25 bucks.
  4. Today's "going rate" for the OR-12 board is about $30 ea. It wasn't that long ago they were around $20, but like everything else, prices go up. FYI, the standard OR-12 board kit does come with a flag and 2 releases but it does not include the "Tattle Flag" system and the releases will need to be upgraded, especially fro use on big water and/or for use with braided line. They can be modified to a "Tattle Flag" system for a couple of bucks worth of stuff from your local hardware, or by buying Offshore Tackle's Tattle Flag kit. The upgrade of clips will cost you between $10 and $20/board, depending on what clips you use.

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    If your looking for cheap planer boards has offshore or-12's for 19.99 each and snapper release's for 9.99 each.