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  1. I planning to buy spinning combo for chasing SM BM and crappies. I do not want to spend much on it, it is hard to believe for me that it makes such a difference if I spend $30 or $150 on a combo....

    Anyways, there is lots of them at Walmart and Meijer, many below $30. Can you advise me which one is good? I went there yesterday and just could not make my mind. What should I look for?

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    If I were you, I would look for a rod that has some sensitivity to it without it whipping all over the place with a reel that has instant anti-reverse. My brother bought a Mitchell combo from Walmart for $30 and it has a 7' medium rod that has a sensitive tip for feeling the bites and a 4 ball bearing spinning reel that has instant anti-reverse. Its actually a pretty nice rod and reel for the money.

  3. Mitchells are great reels that are in the lower end of the price range. I have several and love them. I got a nice combo from Cabelas that has a Mitchell 308 and a 6 foot light action rod that is great for creek fishing and crappie fishing. It can handle large mouth also but not a real big one.
  4. instant anti-reverse... Do you mean there is no on/off switch for it? It is always on?

    The other think is: would you go for spincast or spinning?
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    the instant anti-reverse reels have the lever to lock the anti in or out.instant just means there is no "back play" inthe handle when it's on.the handle wil not move backwards at all,when you stop reeling,like some other models.
    the mitchell combos are a great value.i'm talking the 300 and 308 that twistertail mentioned.i also have a few,and for 50 bucks or less,they're hard to can get different lengths and actiomns,depending on the reel.

    ps.............personally,i'd go with spinning as opposed to spincast.
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    You can also get the cheap "Ugly Stick" combo for $30. The rod is pretty good but the reel is crap but its failrly cheap. I believe the rod is a 6' medium light rod. You can get it and then later on just replace the reel and you would have a decent setup but I think the Mitchell combo set is better because of what you get for the money.

    About the instant anti-reverse, when you are at Walmart next, grab a rod and reel and turn the handle like you would reel in the line and then go backwards. On a reel without instant anti-reverse the handle will go back about an 1/8" or so. On a reel with instant anti-reverse, there is no going backwards unless you turn off the spool switch.
  7. Now I understand what do you mean with instant anti. I think a friend of mine has a Mitchell, I need to try how this think feels. The funny think is, when we fish together, sometimes nothink would bite. Then he reaches his little rapala, nice small crankbait and he can catch fish almost each cast, but all very small. It amazes me how much fish are creazy about this little think!
  8. I think the Gander Mt. rod and reel combos are good for the money.
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    Shoot I have several ultra light combos w/ new reels & used rods you have have for under $30. Used may be the way to go for you. Maybe even check the OGF Marketplace. You can probally get better quality when you compare $ for $.