Chautuaqua Little Guy

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    Went to Chautauqua for the day, nothing much going on because of the cold front moving in. We started to troll and not even 5 minutes later, we boated this little guy on a 9 inch Grandma, black perch color. Got two more rips, one felt huge when I picked up the rod, but as soon as I started to reel he spit the lure. Don't ask me how a muskie spits 3 number 5 hooks, but oh well.

  2. nice fish! i was up there the weekend of the 5th 6th and 7th and had no luck the algie bloom was terrible it looks like it started to clear up by your pic. just wondering if you could give me an update on water clarity.


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    Yeah it is clearing up a little bit. The north end of the lake seemed to be much worse than the south, we caught our two fish right in front of the Casino after the bridge.
  4. thanks jim. thats not what i want to hear. i stay right across from the casino haha anyways thanks for the update on the water clarity. when we were up there it was mutch worse in the south end of the lake
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    Yeah those muskies are suspending in about 20-25 feet of water....