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  1. Hey guys,

    My girlfriend and I are trying to plan a 3 or 4 day weekend trip to Chautauqua later this month. I've never been there, but I've heard great things. I'm in need of advice on what kind of lodging is available. I'd like to have something on, or pretty darn close to the lake..a safe place to park my boat..and be moderately priced. I think I'll concentrate most of my fishing on the south end of the lake, so something that's towards the central to southern part of the lake might be best.

    Also..if you guys have any other tips on good restaurants or things to do (i'm sure she'll be tired of fishing sooner or later), i'll gladly take it.

  2. There's no shortage on lodging around Chautaqua Lake, but there might be with such short notice. Most places are usually booked a year in advance. Being the peak of the summer, the cost will be at a premium.

    Your best bet would be to google 'chautaqua lodging'

    Check out We-Wan-Chu cottages. They have a lot of cabins, and might have some cancellations.

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    GOOD FOOD Andriaccio's, it's on the West side of the lake up near Chatauqua Institute.Some of the best pizza and stromboli I have ever had, been there many times and look forward to it again. As far as lodging I have stayed at Yerkey's cabins just North of We Wan Chu and had our own dock and fish cleaning station. These spots are on the Northern section but I like fishing the North end better myself. Sorry I can't help much with the South end. If you really wanna go cheap, nothing wrong with that, check out Pendergast Campground. Hot showers, electric, fish cleaning station with water now it's been a passel of years since I been there but it was nice....except for the tornado;)
    PS If you want some directions to a few spots to try, send me a PM, before you do though get a map of the lake if you don't have one. I can be very specific and it helps to see exactly where I'm pointing you.
  4. WOW! Of all the places to stay and eat - and you two guys pick two of the places I was going to suggest!!!!

    My uncle stays at we wan cu every year - and he, my cousin, my dad and I went up there two years ago and had a 'guys weekend'........

    I grew up going to Chautauqua...........awesome place!!!
  5. I haven't been there since my batchelor party twenty plus years ago. I was surprised with the amount of weeds in the lake....We stay around Bemus point and had luck casting/troliing right at the weeds edge....Take tackle to fish the weeds - spinnerbaits, jitterbugs,