Chautauqua Lake

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  1. going for a week to Chautauqua Lake in ny any tips or where the good spots are would be very helpful
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    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    I've done real well north of Long Point State Park on the east side of the lake.
    This time of year you will be suprised how shallow the smallies will
    be. Tubes and shallow cranks in 2-6 fow should get you bit.
    Rig the tube on an 1/8oz or 3/16oz sliderhead to make it weedless
    cuz that lake is weedy.
    Good luck.

  3. thanks but i forgot to put going pob in october any info on that time of year
  4. im going up there tommorrow..ill let you know if i find any good spots..does anyone know if the lake is still frozen or not..couldnt imagine it being frozen still, but worth the ask just to make sure..otherwise 3 hours of driving is wasted.
  5. try spinner baits small cranks and don't forget throw the c. rig with green pumpkin fish doctors.
  6. i got there at least four times a year. last year we decided to make a fall trip for the first time. we went october 5th-7th. that lake is normally gin clear... not when we were there!!!! there was an algie bloom and the entire lake was neon green!!! made for some tuff fishing. i cant tell you if this happens every year or if it is rare but i asure you i will do more research this spring and sumer up there talking to locals before i plan another october trip.
  7. just got back from the lake and it was pretty good.. Things have changed a lot up there though. However, the crappie were biting good and me and my dad and uncle all limited out in about 6 hours. We used a traditional bobber and minnow. Others were catching them too off a bobber and a jig, it was pink and green.
  8. Out in front of the bell tower by the marker buoy just outside the weed bed- good smallies there, last year hit 3 fish new york the biggest being 4 1/2 lbs. Perch are there too, 300 in two days with only 3 of us fishing. Hit some white bass in the same spot. Also try trolling toward wewanchu cotteges just outside the weed bed and past the docks for walleye. Ill be up there later in the summer. Go about twice a year and pretty much have been fishing it since i was a youngun. Smallies were hitting on jigs tipped with minnows- (dont ask) We were trolling for the walleye with lindy rigs and bottom bouncers- didnt seem to work well. I know the best bet for walley is to toss some jigs tipped with minnows just outside the weed beds in the early morning. Also the muskie fishing up there is excellent. Should be noted, the like is very unpredictable and you have to search for the fish...if they arent hitting in one spot, pack up and jet to another area. Also pick yourself up a map and ask what depths the fish are hitting at. Love that lake....
    good luck
  9. thanks for all the info, i plan on getting a map soon and to try to find a # for a local bait shop to talk to the guys there

    thanks again
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    Are the carp still there in good numbers? I know they had a fish kill that only affected carp a couple yrs ago. I've wanted to go back up there bowfishing but wasn't sure if the numbers had recovered...I know there are some hogs there though.
  11. carpn- I was up there twice last summer, my buddy lives there and he was telling me about the carp kill- said it was ridiculuos.....20,000 estimated to be dead due to koi herpes. When i was there i dont remmember seeing any, but wasnt paying much attention. Given the size of the lake i thnk that the population didnt suffer too badly....IM sure their in there

    Miller- You can go to hogans hut for bait and tackle (and to get a lake map) but i would not suggest their for asking advice because its normally young girls who dont know much about fishing, however a lot of anglers are in their and you should ask them. I suggest asking people at the docs or at another bait shop.