Chautauqua advice?

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    Heading up to Chautauqua next weekend, wondering if anyone had been up there lately. Last year we had good luck, had about 15 follows over the weekend and two muskies boated. Any favorite lures or anything? Later in the fall I use Legend Plows and other huge baits for trolling, but I think we're gonna cast most of the time. Here's a pic of a wierd "brokeback" muskie that I caught last year. Any input would be great.

  2. i was up there earlier in the year. caught 3 and had about 10 more follows. all 3 were caught on a yellow bucktail about 8-10" long with a silver blade. they were caught around 3-5 in the afternoon. we were drifting over the weed beds casting throughout the beds. however this was earlier in the summer. we tried to get there early enough but it ended up being much hotter than we had anticipated. anyway good luck let us know how u do.



    We Were Up There The First Week In June For Bass And Walleye, Cauhgt 2 While Trolling Hotn Tots. We Are Heading Back The First Week In October For Ski's Our First Fall Trip, Do You Have Any Recomendations For Us. We Would Rather Cast But Trolling Is Always An Option.
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    well, as far as bucktails are concerned i did real well with grn/gold inhalers last time i was there,mostly over the weeds but close to the edge. you can fish that edge{way north end} man and get lotsa lookers and some takers. other baits were blk/gold bucks and shallow cranks in perch. if yer castin i say pound the edge of the weeds and you should have some action.