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  1. just wondering if anyone used a chatterbait for smallies? I tried it today and man not much action caught 2 small one and had a giant hooked that got off
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    I've been throwing the small 1/16oz one for crappies, and have been catching a lot of bass on it as well. I used the big versions last year with some success...they work.:)

  3. If you like Chatterbaits, check out the VibraShock from KaRu Lures! I've caught more big fish on it already this year than i usually do in two or three years. Absolutely killer bait!
  4. My girlfriend and I both bought chatterbaits tonight. I have never used one but I cant wait to get to the lake and give them a try.!$
  5. I tried a knock off chatter bait for a few casts a few weeks ago with nothing. I don't recommend the knock offs. Pay the couple extra bucks for the real one. The blade on the knock off is attached to the jig head with a split ring and the blade was starting to get caught in the ring after not much use and it would not produce the proper action or even work properly at all. The next time I was at Gander Mountain, I looked at the Brand Name and noticed the blade is attached directly to the jig eye before the the head is molded/poured. Live and learn, I guess. I have seen some posts where people had good success with them.
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    I’ve tried a Chatterbait (and a Booyah Boogie bait too) a number of time in the past two years but have yet to catch one fish with it. I’ve swum it through the weeds – but they tend to jamb up the blade. I’ve jigged it and swum it out in the open… I can’t even catch a stick with this lure. :mad:

    Does anyone out there have this thing figured out? What sort of technique are you using (deep and/or shallow) to get the pigs interested in this bait??

  7. I use them just like a spinner bait with a straight retrieve, some stop n go. Yes have caught several fish on them. Tuna the one you have might just need to use lighter line. I like the style you have with the split ring on it. I use gambler brand so I can change the color or size of jig head to get different depths. I really like the original chatterbait until i broke two of them on fish. They broke away from the jig. You can also buy the blades and make your own.
  8. I love to use them, have caught a lot of big keeper fish on them. I was just wondering if anyone uses them for small mouth. the tech. i use for chatterbait is about 6 inches deep and reel pretty fast with them. i use a bait caster with them cause the retrieve is so much smoother and you don't have to reel super fast. all of my spin cast rods I have to reel in supperfast and never got to many good fish.
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    love my gambler chatterbait, it seem to get me a 3+ lber every time.
  10. Caught this 6-lber early this year on a chatterbait:


    I fish it slow, hopping along the bottom like you would a Texas-rigged worm or jig. Good luck!
  11. The best way to use this bait is you gotta use braided line (cuz it has no stretch, and gives it the best action) and just reel it straight in without doing anything extra other than maybe a little jerk from time to time
  12. I've caught a few bass with a chatterfrog, but other baits have been more effective.