Charter fishing for Muskie?

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  1. Has anyone heard of fishing charters on WB for muskie excursions? I'm working on an article and would love any help you have...
  2. What type of article? I never heard of anyone chartering WB but when it comes to WB & muskie LureDaddy is the king. He might be able to give you some info.

  3. There aren't any full time charters on WB that I know of.
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    FishingGirl1978.......Only full time guide I ever knew about, that covered Lakes such as WB.....Ladue.......Pym'e.....and some others in this part of the state was a guy from Burton, the name of BOB TOMASKO....Some older fishermen might remember him from his MAP-A-Lake series (included marked fishing maps and tapes) to also listen to as you followed along on his numbered maps....He was mostly a Bass and WALLEYE GUIDE, but also did MUSKIES. Have not heard his name mentioned in years....But thought I drop a note on with all the great guys on this site........someone just might know if he is still in these parts and doing his thing.........Jon Sr. PS.....he used to do the Goodyear Hunting and Fishing Shows....when they were still at Chapel Hill Mall
  5. I remember him. Bought the ladue , west branch maps & tapes, still have them. He use to be at the sport show. Very knowledgeable guy. Fun to talk to. Co-worker fished West branch with him & caught a muskie. I heard he was still around but dropped out of the fishing scene. That was 25 yrs ago.
  6. You might make a phone call to West Branch Bait and Tackle on Rte 14 near Ravenna. If anyone is chartering WB, they may know how to put you in touch.

    Vic/Tommy at Vics Sports Center may also know. They are located near WB.

    Good luck.
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    dont know if he dropped out but he was at our banquet bout 5 yrs ago or so..
  8. Thanks a ton, guys, for all the ideas. I did some googling around, and I didn't see anyone chartering with sites online. I'll call those suggested shops and see what I can turn up. I've never fished for muskie, but my old neighbor across the street fished for nothing but. He had a nasty scar on his wrist from trying to hold one without a glove. The fish "twitched" and laid his arm right open. Amazing... Thanks again!
  9. if you want ideas on musky charters, although not west branch, google cave run lake kentucky there are a lot there
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    I don't know much about the northeastern lakes in Ohio, but I know of a couple musky guides on inland lakes.

    1. is Tom Dietz and he's a great guy. He guides mostly on Ceasars Creek Lake down near Dayton, but he does come up north and guide on Clearfork Resevoir for musky. Clearfork is just southwest of Mansfield. That might work out for you. You can google Tom's name and it will take you to his website and you will have his contact info.

    2. is Danny Wade. I think he guides exclusively on Saltfork Resevoir, but he may do other lakes to. You can find him by doing a google of his name or of Ohio Musky Fishing guide.

    Good luck and have fun!

  11. Back when I used to have time to go fishing a lot I saw Bob T. at West Branch many a night. Actually witnessed him get 2 fish over 50" in one evening once. If I'm not mistaken I read an article he wrote in the ohio outdoor news about walleye fishing just a month or two ago.
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    I remember Bob Tomasko and still own his Presque Isle map and tape. I used to talk to him each year at the Sportsman's show. I was just talking about him the other day to a friend and wondering what he is up to these days. He had a unique idea which some enterprising fellow could copy with GPS co-ordinates thrown in as a bonus.