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Charlie Frye quote

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by flathunter, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    ``I'm going to take home that Steelers film,'' Frye said, even though the Browns don't meet their rivals until Nov. 13 and Dec. 24. ``I know how bad you all hate Pittsburgh. I was (raised) to hate 'em. I know they don't have any love for us, either.
  2. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    Lets hope frye isn't the next bernie!!

  3. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    If only he can be as good as Bernie!
  4. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    what?!?! maybe you mean montana...I don't think bernie ever won a superbowl...not sure, that was a little before my time. I'm not as old as some of you! =D
  5. Uhm, Bernie did win a Superbowl, just with the Cowboys as a backup. :p :D

    Kosar wasn't flashy or a really gifted athelete, but he had alot of football smarts. He could sit back read a defense and exploit its weaknesses with the best of them. Wild card games in the snow against the Oilers (my first Browns game at the old stadium), Clay Matthews pick of Jim Kelly at the goal line (lest we forget his mad skilz at the lateral :D ), double OT against the Jets, beating san fran on MNF while the the TV crew were taking bets on Bud Carson being fired at half time... memories, memories.
  6. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    hahahaha, can anyone say "Denver"??
  7. Johnboy,
    Yep, I can say "Denver", "Elway" & "prevent defense" MY opinion, and as good as Elway was, Marty's prevent defense was the REAL reason for that loss. ANY pro quarterback can pick you apart when you give 'em all day!
    As far as Frye goes, I think the kid's a keeper & count me in the group that believes with his physical tools & Bernie's "savvy", we would have a real STAR comin' up.

  8. Charlie looked ok last week showing his athleticism. Lets hope he makes some bigger strides this week.

    Time for a new DAWGMA ON THE CUYAHOGA!
  9. I'm not as much of a diehard football fan as some of ya but I live on the Pa/Oh border and was born and raised in Pa. I now live in Oh. I have been around an almost equal portion of Steeler fans versus Browns fans. I'm probably 60/40 myself. What is almost amusing to me is how the Browns fans absolutely HATE the Steelers. It's not something imagined but is an obvious, overt, outright hate for the Steelers, it's fans, and the city. I don't see this on the Steeler side of the fence, at least no where near that level. Sure the Steeler faithfull LOVE to see their team pound on the Browns but they are a divisional rival and arch football foes...but HATE? I don't see it there. I guess its easier to temper your feelings about Cleveland since you've had such success against them over the years and likewise, regretedly, easy to come to HATE Pittsburgh for the same reason. But being born and raised to HATE the Browns...I don't see that mentality in the Pittsburgh fans.

    Just my humble opinion.
  10. Fishing-Miller23

    Fishing-Miller23 It's Miller Time!

    If you are born in Ohio and your family roots for the Browns, you are tought to hate the Steelers.
  11. Steelers fans don't HATE Brown's fans/the City of Cleveland/Etc?? Give me a break!!!! Been to Pittsburgh with Brown's jersey on and have been called every name in the book!!! The same treatment that somebody wearing a Stillers jersey in Cleveland would get. Let's not believe the perception that somehow Stiller's fan are more refined and take the higher ground on the rivalry. I will tell you this. Rivalries are great in for sports until fans start to go overboard. (Damaging cars in parking lots with opponents bumper stickers or license plates/assault/etc..) Another thing, let's not believe that Stiller's fans are somehow better fans than in Cleveland... Stiller's fans have had alot to cheer about the last 30 years (its been really easy to be a Stiller's fan). I remember that playoff game that the Stiller's came back and won and the stadium was MORE than half empty after half time - alot of fans had given up on them. If the Stiller's had been up by four touchdowns, the stadium would have still been full. (Snow/rain/cold wouldn't matter) The two fans hate each other because they are too much alike - obnoxious when they win/sore losers when they lose.
  12. My previous opinions were based solely on my local observations. I don't get to the games hardly at all and would probably agree with you Mike about what goes on at the stadiums. The people that go to the games are "THE" hardcore fans and I'm sure the Stiller's fans are just as bad as the other side, although I can't remember a bottle throwing incident at Pittsburgh. What I'm saying is that in our little community of say 5,000 folks and with the mix of fans that we have in this town, that that is the perception I have of the average home town Browns fan. Hell, we even had a dress down day at the local bank and the tellers that were STEELER fans wore their jerseys. The bank manager is a Browns fan so guess what......the STEELER shirts had to go or they weren't permitted to work. You may think that's humerous but I think it was childish. As far as being Ohio born and being taught to hate the STEELERS.....I'll bite my lip on that one and simply say, IT'S ONLY A GAME.
  13. This is pretty easy to explain. Steelers 4 Superbowls, Browns none.
  14. How many times does it need to be repeated? Yes,the Steelers were the dominant team in the seventies,but as dominating as they were during the seventies,the Browns were just as dominating in the sixties,and late fifties.They can call it the Super Bowl,or any other name,but it's still the championship game of pro football,and the Browns have won their share of NFL championships too.I love it when you say that to a Pittspuke fan,and he replies,"Yeah,what was that like-100 years ago"? No,just 10 years before your team became winners.I totally believe 100% that there's every bit as much hatred for the Brown's in Pittsburgh,as there is for the Steeler's in Cleveland-you kidding me?
  15. Stiller's, guys are making my case!

    I'll honestly be rooting for the Browns to win this season. I want to see the division the most competitive division in the NFL. I just won't be rooting for them when they play Pittsburgh. Same with Cinncy.
  16. LFN


    The Steelers are OK. It's the Iron City beer that I hate!