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Charles Mills Spillway

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Wormdunker69, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know if it is fishable or not and is it worth the ride from Medina?
  2. Gottago---worth the trip and it's easy access, water's up, but not running too fast. Been on/off with the 'eyes....they're there...rapalas (floaters) and spinners work for me.

  3. Thanks for the info. I tried twister tails there before and had some luck with them. May go down there tomorrow oe Sunday. Bill
  4. Let me know how you do! It's not far from me, but no chance to hit it this weekend...maybe next!
  5. GottaGo
    Check out my post in the central Ohio forums,I fished it yesterday(Monday),the water was up a little bit,about the normal color(for there),and the current was also about normal.The saugeye's were hitting real well also_One word of caution,they're supposed to lower the lake level by six feet starting Dec.1,so starting tomorrow,the river will probably be humming.A couple days after it starts to go down,the fishing should be awesome for a few days.
  6. Thanks River Walker for the info. Do me a favor and shoot up a flare when you find out that it is worth a trip down there from Medina.
  7. I just got home from there a couple of minutes ago,nothing to brag about today.The water is real low today,they're supposed to lower the lake at some point today,but they obviously haven't begun yet.I caught 4 small saugeye's,nothing over 10",and 2 small channel cats.I caught all the fish on a perch pattern mimic minnow.There was three other guys fishing,they were all using husky jerks,seen them land 1 fish,but I was too far away to see what it was.