charles mills and pleasant hill

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  1. was thinking of hitting up the spillways. any word on the water flow and the nearest baitshop around there.
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    I was told the Charles Mill spillway was really low and didn't look very promising yesterday.

  3. thanks for the info. i will wait til mon or tue to hit it then. are there any baitshops around there?
  4. I've been wantinr to get down there myself hoping this tuesday
  5. thanks again. i never have been down there and i am coming from the cleveland area. what time does that baitshop open and does it have minnows? is it right on that intersection? any info would help. thanks in advance.
  6. Yes she has minnows. She opens at 6:00 am and closes at 6:00 pm yes it is on the intersection. The water is still high
  7. Pleasant Hill is currently dumping alot of water and there is still alot of flow above the lake as well. I would not waste my time coming down until wednesday. If it changes in the next two days i will post.
  8. Yah. If you click the link to the waterflow P-Hill just got below 3' today and just it just spiked up again in the past hour or so. Too fast for imediately below the spillway. Holes downstream would be fishable, but I'd wait a few more days.

  9. try it out bout friday or sat should b prime time
  10. gonna give it a try tom and maybe hit cm too. thanks for all the info. i will post how i do.
  11. maybe i will wait til thurs or fri. it looks like they got a bit of rain again. any word on the waterflow?