charles mills and pleasant hill

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  1. i was thinking about heading to the spillways tomorrow and wanted to know if the rain messed it up to much. also, where is the nearest baitshop around there.
  2. I think you will find both of these spillways a mess as well as any others around for a while. Here are links to the streamflow data for those two.

    USGS 03133500 Clear Fork bl Pleasant Hill Dam nr Perrysville OH

    USGS 03130000 Black Fork below Charles Mill Dam near Mifflin OH

    There is still some flooding in the lakes above the dams so I doubt that they will drop the flow too quickly. Here are links to the lake level data.

    Charles Mill Lake

    Pleasant Hill Lake

    Here is a link to all of the lake conditions.

    Huntington District Overview

    And here is a link to the Realtime streamflow data.

    Real-Time Data for Ohio_ Streamflow