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  1. Thinking about trekking to Charles Mill Lake this spring to do some bass fishing. Is this known as a good bass lake? I heard that there are a lot of stumps, etc... Any suggestions on where to fish in Early Spring? Thanks.
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    Charles Mill can is a great place to go bass fishin . Will you be fishing by boat or off the shore ? There are tons tumps all over the lake . Only a hand full are bank accessable though . I would use a white spinner bait or a small ig .

  3. I have a Crestliner CX1754 (9.9 Mercury 4-stroke) Kind of re-found fishing after growing up fishing in Lake Erie (Vermilion) Have a cabin at Leesville Lake. I haven't quite figured that lake out. Lots of laydowns and lily pads. Caught a nice muskie (36") fishing off my dock last year. Finally bought a bass boat. We have a pontoon boat but it was too hard to control (wind, etc.) I convinced my wife that I needed a bass boat so I can fish the docks and shoreline. Leesville has stocked Saugeyes the last two or three years, so we'll see how that pans out. Any info on Leesville or Charles Mill is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I fish C.Mill all the time for bass,it is a very good bass lake.It also has a good population of wipers,crappies,saugeye's and a few pike.For bass,I like the area around the marina up to the area of the cut that goes out into the main lake.North of the Rt.430 bridge,there's thousands of stumps.In this area,try around the campground.Fishing the rip-rap area near the dam can be pretty productive also.As previously suggested,white spinnerbaits are an excellent choice.A guy that I know that works at Mifflin Lakes Trading Post catches a lot of 4-5lb. bass in Mud Lake(near the marina) on creature baits.C.Mill is also a very good top water lake once summer rolls around,I've caught a lot of nice bass in the evenings on Pop-R's,and buzzbaits.The lake has a 10hp limit,so you don't have to worry about PWC's ruining your day.Good luck!