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Charles Mill 12/12/04

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by wader, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. wader

    wader Fishing Fool

    Hit the spillway at CM on Sunday evening. Water is high and muddy. Fished from 4:30 to 7:00. Few bites, no fish landed. Left a brand new HJ12 and a rattle trap in the brush on the far side for you go-getters out there.
  2. RiverWalker and myself hit Charles Mill early this morning with little success. RW landed one eye about 12", and two 'cats. I didn't get a bite in the hour or so we were there. We then headed to Pleasant Hill for a few hours where I enjoyed a great deal of losing fish at the bank. RW didn't catch anything at P Hill either. I had three fish on with no nettings. Very disappointing to say the least. All my fish came on HJ10, with most of my hook-ups on Black and Gold. When I lost it in a snag, I didn't get nearly the number of hits on a Blue and Silver. Vibees, jigs, and cranks didn't seem to work well at all. We were both surprised that they have not lowered P Hill as planned on the 1st of December.


  3. They did didnt they? I checked the USGS graph and from noon the 1st till late the 2nd the water was up over 2ft at times and went back down to barely 1 / 1.5
  4. I think I was reminded this morning why it's always a good idea to bring along a net.Warpath was schooling me on his quick release technique today.A couple of those saugeye's he had on were pretty decent fish.I only had one on at P.Hill,and as WP stated already I did land one eye' below C.Mill,and a couple small channel cats.I may head on down to C.Mill Dam again tomorrow morning and "retrieve" a few lures that the far bank shrubbery gobbled up,I put an HJ-12 in there myself this morning.The snow was really coming down at P.Hill,and it was windy also,but it was a blast as usual.No,they haven't lowered the water level at P.Hill yet,we checked out the ramps at the marina,and the water level is the same it's been for over a month.Oh! By the way,one other guy was fishing for eyes' below P.Hill spillway,and he had one eye' on the stringer that looked about 15"-16",he got it on a red twister tail.We met another guy that was wading the riffles in search of trout,I think he said he got one rainbow.He's a really nice dude,we mentioned this site,hope he decide's to check it out.
  5. Phil Carver

    Phil Carver Team Bass Xtreme

    Glad to see you guys got out . I bet that hill was a job with the snow flyin . Always take a net down there , there are some huge fish in both places and who knows , there may be one over 15 # in there :)
  6. I was hoping for a big one today,just didn't happen.Should have brought the power bait :rolleyes: lol! The current below both spillways was pretty strong today,and it was hard to keep anything down.They both look really fishy at the moment though,we're going to hit em' again Wed.morning,hopefully they'll be turned on by then.After WP lost his third fish right at his feet,I could see the frustration in his eyes,I was wearing polarized glasses and could see that it was a pretty decent fish,but at that point,I didn't think he needed to hear that.The most important thing was just getting out,had a blast.
  7. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    man your killing me RW i need to get out with you guys some day i will be off couple days during xmas plan to do some and plan to hit alum on the rocks some nights after work here soon.
  8. I'm going to hit those rocks at Alum early Wed.morning.Let me know whenever you can go fishing,there's a lot of spillway fishing coming up,it's just starting to get good,I like January the best.Ice fishing is just around the corner too.The piers up at the big lake will continue to produce until ice-up also at night.You know my days off,give me a shout,and we'll go get em'!
  9. Yeah, I was getting a bit ticked about hooking fish and not landing them. But the bite with 'eyes is so much different for me than a bass. A few of those fish I didn't know I had on until it was too late. I think I got more strikes than I set hooks on too. I kept thinking, no that's a rock, a rock, okay maybe a fish..... And then it was a fish!!!!! It'll take some time. But my hands were numb and I was staring up that P Hill dam thinking, Why isn't there a sky lift here? We weren't into anything major so it was time to head on home. Another day. I also figured out that if I fished everyday, I wouldn't be fat. I didn't eat until my wife got home at 5:30 pm. The fishing diet has begun, 'cause I'm headed to Griggs or O'shay right now after work. Report soon thereafter!

  10. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Always take a net?? huh??? I thought you guys were good, who needs a net??? hehe :p Just joking with you guys!
  11. Spent an hour or two down at Griggs below the spillway. I fished the pool below the dam and a slack pool further down the river on the east side. Not a bite. Blue and silver HJ10 didn't produce anything. Is it possible to fish the west side and if so, how do you get over there? There was a lot of water coming over the dam, and the upper pool looked like a cup of chocolate with marshmallows condsidering all the foam.

    Headed to O'Shay on the west side. It had a Do not enter sign across the walkway, so I didn't head down there. Where do you guys fish the spillway up there? Do you just ignore the sign and head over the hill?

  12. acklac7

    acklac7 S.S.

    Fished griggs today, got 1 eye (16"). Not a whole lot going on down there lately, winter needs to set in and the water needs to go up ...alot. Then the shad start dieing like crazy and the eye's have a easy meal. The west side is accessible but you will get harassed and possibly towed by the columbus police. You CAN take an old gravel road back there, but if the quarry personnel see you going back consider yourself ethier towed or lectured by a cpd officer (its funny there isnt any no trespassing signs). If you do make it down there be prepared to lose a TON of cranks. There is a good bar where alot of eye's will hold that is sort of in the middle of the pool. But all sorts of trees,tires,wooden planks etc. will get snagged on top/sides of the bar. Be prepared to lose a crank every hour, if your not using fireline you will lose one every 10 minutes. Also if you want to catch fish at griggs you need to pattern them, they will be in different areas at different water levels. There is definitely a science to catching them.