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  1. A buddy of mine lost his charger for his vexilar.If anyone has an extra or has upgraded from the stock charger, that you wouldn't mind parting with, shoot me a pm with askin price and I'll let him know. He just doesn't want to get the 400 model and I told him I would put this out there. Thanks guys, Mike
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    I suppose you could always buy a new one from the Vex site ? I've bought stuff from them before they ship fast ! But I bet you already looked in to that ?

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  4. Yes, we looked at vexilars site and thought someone might have a spare charger around from an upgrade. Vexilar only sells the lower end chargers WITH the batteries. As I told him, if your gonna spend that much on a charger, might as well get the battery too. Mike
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    i lost mine and found the exact type of charger that vex suggests to use at batteries plus. i also bought an extra battery and have a fresh one charged at all times.