Channel cats at Griggs (report) 4-15-08

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  1. just got back from Griggs and had a great time. Threw a couple tight lines with shrimp and caught 16 channel cats varying from 1-6 lbs.

    i think there was a tournament going on there, im not exactly sure.

    water cleared up a lil bit, no longer super muddy. still no luck with the spinnerbaits.
  2. ajang, the tourney was probably the Tuesday night bass tourney. they started last week.

  3. neocats1

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    have fun with the upcoming fish fry
  4. ajangsta04, were you fishing the east bank . close to the dam and rowing boat docks? I saw 3 guys down there last night and watched them pull in 1 cat. Then someone from the rowers club asked 1 guy to stop fishing from the dock when the row boats started coming in.
  5. i was fishing near the docks by fishinger bridge. i think i know who ur tlaking about tho.

    i might go out there again today.
  6. What would have been funny is if you told the guy at the docks to have his people stop rowing while we fish there! Just kiddin. Does anybody know what nights they have bass tourneys through the week there aside from Tue? Thanks!
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    Cought a few last week before the cold snap

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    Sounds like you did well, sir! Good job!
  9. Do you guys fish below or above the dam?
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    sounds like a great time to me..............CONGRATS !!! ;)