channel cats 3-26-08 Tappan Lake

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  1. tcba1987

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    i took the kids (josh & jessica) and headed to the lake this evening to try for a few channel cats. fished from about 530 till 8 ...............we were using cut shad for bait on bottom and the fish were biting great. i ended up catching 5 channel cats...............josh landed 4 and jessica had 2.........all of the channel cats were between 12-17 inches real giants but they were alot of fun for me and the kids !!!
  2. were u fishing from shore or from boat..

  3. tcba1987

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    i was fishing from the shore in about 4-5 ft of water on a shallow flat !!!
  4. good to hear your kids had fun.i was at cj brown last weekend in the boat catfishing. no fish but there was one other boat on the lake. a gentleman had his two young daughters with him,it was rather chilly and overcast,not the kind of weather you would expect to see children out fishing in,but it is good to see the young ones going at it regardless of the weather!gets them into something constructive that should stick with them forever-our future fisherman. hats off to you guys who take the time to teach the younger generation.
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    i take my kids along with me anytime that they want to go along .........even if they just want to watch me fish and play around in the woods.

    i usually try to take a few of the neighbors kids along with us that normally dont get to go fishing !!! i recommend that everyone do that...............theres alot of kids that NEVER get to go fishing and who knows if we take them ONE TIME they may be HOOKED ON FISHING for life !!!
  6. brian,i tried to log in no luck,any advice,walleye king.member of ogf,thanks
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    i have a four year old daughter that loves to fish she is my lil fishin buddy, also to all of you out there that don't have kids that might want to try and make a difference in kids lives try volunteering at big brothers big sisters and make a postive influence on a youth in a world that is full of negatives as it was said all it takes is one time
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    Were you fishing down on the East end of the lake?
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    Jessicas Channel Cat

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    Brian, you should have let her enter that into our net contest instead of your smallie. It's bigger. LOL