Channel Cat stocking

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    Was speaking to a client on the phone while parked at the lot next to the entrance of the ODNR office on North Reservoir (yes, I pulled over to talk on my cell...the view was nice this morning ;) ) and in pulled a truck from the Senecaville Fish Hatchery.

    When I finished my call I went over to speak with the guys just as they started dumping channel cats into North - approximately 4000 young channels about 4-8 inches long. According to the guys they were heading to LaDue next to drop about the same number of channels up there.

    They are on an every-other-year rotation with the channel cats and so for those who are into catfishin' you'll have a bunch getting to be decent sized in a couple of years.

    Interesting to watch the stocking and how the fish react when they hit the water. At first they kept coming back to shore and bumping into the edge till they figured out that they are in a much bigger tank now... :p

  2. We got 2 small ones out of North Saturday night. I wonder if they were a couple of the new residents. :)