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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. I just bought a new electric pole saw. Which is a small chain saw at the end of a long pole. I see that I need to fill the saw with oil, and I hate to sound dumb but I am not sure what kind of oil to use for chain oil. It says to use SAE 30. Does that mean 10w30 like what I put in my car? Or do I need a special type of oil?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. You can purchase specific chain oil or use a straight weight (no multi viscousity) automotive 30 wt. oil.

  3. ok, so no 10w30, just SAE 30. Got it, thanks a ton.
  4. regular bar oil will stay on the chain a bit better and its alot cheeper
  5. okay, I will go out and get some bar oil tomorrow, thanks for the help guys.
  6. Yeah, go to Lowes or Home Depot and they have gallon jugs that say Bar and Chain oil. I think its $7 or something like that. But for what you need it for, I'd just buy it in a quart for like $3.

    I got some chainsaw problems myself. Damn thing won't start all a sudden. Acting like it ain't getting any fire, changed the sparkplug and still nothing???
  7. try hitting the primer bulb.....if that keeps it could be a carb or fuel filter....??....

  8. No primer bulb on the fossil I got. Its an Echo 315 model. I can't think of anything to do but to try and tear it apart, clean it up a little bit and see if it will start. It has an on/off switch that makes me wonder, do those switches every go out?? The thing that yanks my crank is that it was running fine except the blade was wearing out so I go buy a new blade and don't even get to use it once because the dang thing quit on me!
  9. Try to squirt some premix fuel right into the carb. That may give it enough juice to get started.
  10. Well...she sat all winter. A month back she fired up in 3 pulls and when I first tried to use it after letting it warm up, everytime I would start to cut and really got on the throttle, it would cut out and die. So, I put her on the shelf for a couple weeks and tried it again. This time I started it in 2 pulls and all the sudden it was running great for 3-4 separate occasions I used it until now.
  11. Sheephead Master,

    You said that it has not worked wince you put the new chain on. Does the chain turn freely by hand once you have switched them? Perhaps it is bogging down due to binding the chain. I would make sure that it is put back together properly and also that you have the right type of chain. If the teeth don't line up properly it will not turn properly. You can also test this a a possibility by trying to start it with the bar and chain taken off.

    Sorry for stealing your thread Olwhitee. Hopefully your questions were answered here. I also would vote for the purchase of chain oil over the use of motor oil. It is much thicker and sticks better to the chain and bar. I believe your bar will last long with chain oil.
  12. Yeah, I think Olwhitee's question was answered so I didn't think he would mind me taking over his thread. But thanks BKR, I'll check that out too on top of checking the plug wire and maybe trying to find out if my on/off switch went out.