Chagrin ??

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  1. Would like to hit the river thursday, but not sure if it will be fishable. Dont want to make the 45 min ride for nothing. I can wait one more day if need be. Thanks
  2. It will be fishable tomorrow but I wouldn't say it will be prime.

  3. chagrin was very fishable today. there was alot of fish activity down around willoughby. I would come tom. if you can cause i personally think it will be prime. Just enough tint to the water to make them bite. I have better luck with water with some color. I live 5 minutes from the river so i check it alot.
  4. Today the river had 6-8" of vis. and a healthy flow.
  5. what are some recommended lures/baits? what color and size spoons are most effective?

    im pretty excited about going up there firday morning. i hope todd field isn't too packed lol.
  6. Tom,
    I noticed you post a lot of when should I go fishing questions. Check out the rivers flows and do a little research on what flow rates are good to fish - quite a few sites have that info and I am sure it is in here or the steelhead section. Also, when you do go fishing, check the flow rate and compare it to the conditions you are seeing. Remember if that flow was high, low, or just about right (sounds like Goldilocks and the 3 bears).

    I understand wanting the conditions to be right, I have at least a 2 1/2 hour drive to fish from Columbus. The river charts will answer your question 90% of the time. The other thing is that I have learned a lot by fishing in conditions that were not great and seeing what does and doesn't work. If you have any questions, let me know.

  7. Im going to go down in the morning. I thought of that this morning when i looked at the chart. If i remember from last yr good conditions for the Rock are a flow of 200 and for the chagrin around 300.
  8. Hope you get into them.

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    vkutsch You scratched my anchor!

    I fished around Daniels today, the flow was good, but the 6-8 inch vis made it very tough for me. I've been doing very well the last couple times out, couldn't get a bite today other than a chub. I don't fish sacks, though, and it was a day for those, probably.
  10. i just got back from todd field and danials park


    thew water was way too muddy.

    bad day of fishing