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Chagrin Update

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TPaco214, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Hey everyoen ----got out for my first official steelhead trip. no luck tho----saw one guy catch a monster at Gilson park---other than that everyone else i saw all day had it rough. i tried daniel's park, todd field, and gilson park on the chagrin. current is very fast, and water was very slushy in morning----after a few hours most of the slush melted tho. all i had was trout power bait cuz i couldnt find any eggs or maggots anywhere----which i think i should be using----right? anyways to all who replied to my first post thanks for the great advice----it was nice to get off campu sand fish for a change.
  2. I am sure the fishing will get better when the rivers clear and go down a little... Keep them updates coming !!

  3. Dingo


    Eggs are best harvested from your fish. You will have a hard time finding fresh eggs for sale in Ohio. Most eggs used for steelies around here are steelhead eggs or brown trout eggs (from NY fish).

    Try a pet shop for maggots. Once you find some, you can keep them around for quite a while by keeping them cold. Otherwise, two good bait shops are located near the grand river/painsville exit of rte 2. Both will provide good info and gear as well as the fresh bait. Don't overlook minnows for steelies as well. Invest in an umbrella net or minnow seine, find some suitable water, and catch your own. I haven't bought minnows for steelhead in over 10 years.
  4. do salmon eggs work----like the bottled ones u can buy in wal marts or whatever
  5. also---teh fish i saw caught today was enormous----so i dont know if a single egg would be tempting to a steelhead---how do i use thsoe egss----jsut stick a few on a hook or use those little mesh bags things
  6. Dingo


    I won't say that they would never work, but most likely not. You would probably have better luck with powerbait. When using powerbait, I would sack the ball into a thumbnail or smaller sized ball in the same material used to sack eggs. Depending on water conditons, I have caught big steelies on a single steelhead egg (much smaller than the salmon eggs) and a bit of skein. I downsize my offering as it gets colder and when the water gets colder.

    Those will work but not as good as fresh eggs taken from the steelies you catch... Also single eggs do work and at times work very well compared to the eggs you would use together in a mess bag... When the water is near freezing I like to downsize my offerings as the fish tend to have much slower metabolism and appetites.....
    I need to get back out its been awhile since my back surgery 5 years ago...
  8. ah man now u guys r sayin i actually have to catch a steelhead to get some eggs----hahha---might have some trouble with that but we'll see
  9. another question----about how big are steelhead eggs----also---what kind of mesh do u use to make the bags----the kind that oranges come in or what? sorry for al lteh questions----but im kinda excited that im gettin into this steelhead business
  10. YOu can buy the mesh bags at Dicks or Gander Mountain.
  11. try using spinners and or little cleos but make sure to hold on as they have a tendancy to try rip the rod out of your hands then you will have your roe i recomend using light line o copolmer as it tends to disappear and their eye sight is very good take your spawn material with you as the fresh eggs have a nice aroma that they can smell down steam for aways and good luck
  12. also for got one important thing to tell you they know where stick log rock and just anything they can wrap the line around and break off so scope all that out as you fish the hole nkeep the drag on the light side always turn them into the current and make them fight itlong rods i prefer 8 to 9 footers but i have a 12 that works fine and i like4pound test but 6 ain`t bad and if you know how to use it and i do velvetta cheese rolled up in a ball and bounced along the bottom works used it alot in wva growing up
  13. went to elk today around luch time caught 9 today. all but 3 came on flatheads other on orange egg sac. fish shut off by 4 o 'clock. good luc and hope for warmer weather.
  14. Grand River Bait Tackle ALWAYS has maggots and spawn sacks and single eggs...

    but yes, steelhead 'skein' as it is known is a great bait also....easy to use if the membrane is still around the eggs....just gob a ball on a plain hook and set it at the bottom.

    me and a buddy have been doin' well on all black minifoo jig 1/64, with about 5-7 maggots....down deep on the bottom of the holes...

    all freshies.....fight for awhile....another friend caught a 10.5 lber on Sunday eve....

  15. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Try minnows or night crawlers.
  16. Anyone know what's up with this excerpt from the ODNR WEB on fishing the Daniels Park area. I know from this Forum and accompaning photos that the dam is gone but why con't the area be fished. It's the only access I'm familiar with of on the CR and has been my favorite location for Spring fishing for many years-even back in the salmon era!!
    :mad: Fish from the soccer fields to Todd Field. Anglers are reminded to stay out of the area immediately above and below Daniels Park since the dam has collapsed. :mad: