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Chagrin river

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishing pole, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    Went to Chagrin Falls over the holidays and seen what looked like nice water above and below the falls. Looks like it might be nice for smallies in the summer. Anybody ever fish these parts. Not looking for secrets just want to know if there is fish in there
  2. I fish a lot in that area. There are some really nice holes in there, but it's kind of weird. One day you'll catch 20 smallies in there, and then only a couple the next few times you go. I found a lot of deep water around december when going on a hike that I'm anxious to try in the spring.

  3. i would like to go after some trout in the river how is the flow and is it muddy ? with all the rain and snow i'm wondering if it is good yet ? fish should be coming up it sure would like to go catch some fishies
  4. Dingo


    Depends on your definition of "fishable". If you want the chance to catch fish IN the parking lots and picnic areas, you're in luck! In other words, it will be a while until the Erie tribs are back to levels that are productive for steelhead fishing. Many guys like to fish the Chagin when flows are in the neighborhood of 300cfs (cubic feet / second). It's now flowing somewhere around 4,800cfs -- too high for me.
  5. With the way the river is now, you might be able to find some good steelhead holes in the basements of the houses by the river ;)
  6. Thanks Guys thats what i thought well someday its going to go down