Chagrin River 10/05/08

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  1. Nick and I had a rough morning. We were going to try perchin' off Wildwood, but when that fell through, we decided to head to Portage Lakes for some redears and crappies, but the switch on my trolling motor took a poo, so we decided to grab the waders and head North.

    We had a late start on a day when I had little expectation of fish... Boy, was I wrong! We didn't manage many fish, but we both got our first steelies of the year! And, as usual, I had numbers and Nick had the big fish of the day. It was a blast!


    Nick's holding my first of the year.


    Nick hooked into a good fish. Not a giant, but starting his season off with an 8 pounder isn't a bad thing!


    All fish were caught on jig/maggots and then released. The water was stained, but the flow was perfect. We went 4 for 6 ( I had 3, Nick 1). Did see a couple caught on spoons too. We tried 'em but no takers.

    All in all, A great day on the river and a wonderful way to start the Fall steelheading season!

  2. nice congrats on the steelheads good looking fish
  3. Nice job Carl. It didn't look like there were too many guys out. What time did you get on the water?
  4. Lewis


    Congrats Carl and Nick.
    Nick is blessed to have you as a father.
    You guys make a great duo!
  5. Joel, we got on the river around 10AM or so... Late start, but still got a couple. I checked the camera and we took the pics at 12:50 and 1:05... From 2 til 3:30 we didn't get any, but saw 2 caught.
  6. Took my daughter up there yesterday Carl and the Chagrin wasn't worth fishing. Good flow but dirty...reeeaaalll dirty. Still looked pretty stained from what I can tell from your pictures.

    Glad you and Nick got some. Thanks for the pics.
  7. Nice fish you got there. I can't weight to get out and get my first for the year
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    Nice fish and good decision! Perchin was slowwwwwww!
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  10. The water was pretty muddy, but it was running at a perfect flow... There was around 4 to 6 inches of visibility. It was actually pretty darn good!
  11. nice fish! i go fishing right at borac's boat landing, you can see it from where you where standing, also did you drift the maggot?
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    Carl.......grats to you and nick on your first steel of the year......some how I know that those "steelies" gave you one heck of a better battle, than those Old State Park Largemouth's would have anyway.......Have a great season this fall, where-ever you fish....With that smile (nick was a happy camper) at the fishing choice............Jon Sr.
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    Glad to see success Carl. As soon as I recover from this back surgery, I'll be back in my honey hole!
  14. were you using black jig with maggots ? If you can take a pic of one so I can see if Im using the right kind. Thanks
  15. As far as jig color goes, I'd get an assortment. We used 1/32oz Mini-Foo jigs. The top producing colors I have in my box are black/mint, black w/ red head, black, white, white w/ red head, chartruse, and motor oil.