Chagrin or Rocky????

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    I am making my first steelie trip Friday a.m. with a buddy of mine. I have spawn sacs freshly tied and ready to catch some fish. I plan on staying pretty close to the mouth of the river. Should I also grab a container of maggots? Anybody hit either of those rivers this week and how did you do? Thanks in advance!
  2. Zachtrouter,

    The flow on the Chagrin is very low right now. You can check it here:

    Under these conditions, the water will be crystal clear and the fish will be spooky. I usually do not do well with spawn sacks in these conditions. A fly rod with sucker spawn or #14 BH prince nymph will usually do the trick though. In lieu of the fly rod, a small jig/maggot combo can also work. I suggest sticking close to the mouth of the river, or even fishing the lake right at the mouth.

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    As of this morning the flow is 74 cubic feet per second . That's not very much.
  4. We fished the Rock yesterday and friends have been fishing the Chagrin regularly with little to no success. The rivers are low, slow, WARM and clear. I'd postpone the trip until we get cooler temps. and A LOT of rain.
  5. Therefore, if you have to fish for trout in the rivers during these warm and low conditions, think about having to keep your catch (within legal limits). A hard fight in these warmer water temps will result in a higher mortality rate of released fish, even when they seem OK when released. Even the lakeshore/river mouth fish seem to have backed out a bit.
  6. Zach....I fished with you before.

    You catchin river steelies friday....aint happenin.

    Just sent you a PM.....tomorrow has potential.
  7. I fished the lower stretches of the rock saturday from around 9-2 and then again tuesday and last night for a few hours. i have had no luck but small mouths and rock bass. i have seen a few steel caught but no numbers. they are few and far. from the looks of it your best bet is taking a drive out east. good luck whatever you decide to do however.
  8. Hit the lakeshore around the mouths. You'll have much better luck.
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    We had little luck on the Rock Tuesday... just a couple sm. I would say sm on the rock would be the way to go as far as bonus fish they are fun. It would be nice to hook into one of the nice sm, but it would also be nice if we could get a ton of rain and some cooler nights...