Chagrin 12-8

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  1. Hit the Chagrin this morning with Vkutsch. We landed 7 before 8:30 and then things shut off. I think Victor got one more before we went to a different spot around 11. We each got 2 at the other spot. Cheesehead Cory joined us for our third destination, and he got 3 in about 2 hours there. Overall, 17 fish landed and a couple more hooked and lost. Most were between 23-25 inches. We caught a couple skippers and no real pigs. It was a pretty decent day of fishing.

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  2. nice pics.... ia m thinkg of hittin up the chargrin this coming weekend with a buddy of mine. i usually fish vermilion cause it is close to my home actually my backyard. my buddy has a good spot he usually fishes there so i am confident we will get some good numbers. hopefully some nice fish like yours! Also i think it is so funny when peopel catch a picture worthy fish that they just throw their pole in the do the same thing! be carefull with that in the sub zero temps though it could cause some harm to the internals!

  3. nice steel guys..looks like you guys got around!
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    Good work fellows. Nice pics I will be on the Chagrin tommorow am hopefully with the same results.
  5. Beautiful chromer in the third pic! Glad you guys had a good day:D
  6. It was a different story today. I caught 2 right when I got there about 7:30, 1 more 20 minutes after that, and that was it for the day. I didn't get a single hit after that. I talked to some guys on the river and it seemed pretty slow all around.
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    I think the reason the fish shut off was because of a falling barometer. It plays on a fish’s bladder. Once it stabilizes they should be on the bite again.
    Anyhow, nice fish pics from Saturday.