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    pilot bought a fly rod this week so me and him went up to the chagrin to try for some steel. this was his first time using a flyrod and pretty much first time fishing for steelies since last time he had smallmouth gear.we got to the river about 8am and fished a hole that was the most productive for me last year. saw only three fish roll untill about about 1pm until a guy fishing 30 yards down river hook one it leaped, easly looked to be fish ohio size, after it came back down ran 20 yards or so and then the hooked pulled out. all morning pilot and i wear drifting sucker spawns, egg patterns and nymphs... nothing. pilot ties on the fly i caught the two on a few weeks ago tries the rapids down river for half hour then comes back to the hole and start just slow pulling the line across the bottom try to get a feel for the fly rod and learn how to cast. twenty minutes later hes hooked up with his first steelie ever. for his first time ever hooking a fish on a fly and it being a steelhead, he played the fish pretty well an after a couple minutes he landed the fish a 20" male. i decide to tie on the same pattern and try the same technique he was doing and not more than 30 minutes later i hooked up. the fish took me close to ten minutes to land. i never relly could get the fish to turn around. it made at least five runs of 25 yards or more. 29.5" long-fish ohio, i didnt weigh it but id say at it was at least 8.5-9 lbs. the girth was almost 15 was a fat fish. we hooked into 3 other fish between the 2 of us during the next hour but none were landed. pilot was hooked on steelhead once he saw me cath the first one couple weeks ago, now he's addicted.
  2. where did you go???? Daniels Park, Todd Field, The Soccer field????? Thanks

  3. Sounds like you guys had one heck of a time congrats.