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  1. I'm interested in hearing confirmed reports of flatheads in central ohio waters. The scioto and it's tribs are a given up to the first dam. But what about past the first dam? I can confirm oshay, Griggs, and above Greenlawn flatheads are reproducing in low numbers. What about Buckeye, Indian, Deer Creek, Alum, Hoover, Knox, and rivers above the first dam from the Scioto?

  2. Mushijobah

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    Buckeye- Yes
    Deer Creek - Yes
    Hoover - Yes

    I'de be interested to see if any are in Alum Crk. Res.

    There are flatheads in a lot of the 'dinky' streams here in Franklin Co. Up to the first dam, that is.
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    Caught this a couple of months ago directly below Griggs. He surprisingly hit a chicken liver. My first and only flathead.

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    I have never heard of a flathead coming from Alum. Doesn't mean they aren't in there, but I have never heard of it.

    Hoover has all kinds of HUGE catfish. If I were a cattin man, that is where I would go in central Ohio.

  5. I wouldn't even try for them at Buckeye.I've lived close by that lake and fished it for over 20 years and I've only caught about 10.All under 15 lbs.There used to be a lot of biiiiiiig ones in there though.Its just too shallow and too muddy to hold a good population of flatheads.
  6. thanks for the replies, anyone else have a report? I'm not looking for water to target flatheads, just interested in what waters hold a population. I've never heard of one in Alum, but would think that it's capable of holding them. I'm interested in figuring out why MWCD lakes produce flatheads so much better than impoundments in the scioto and miami river watersheds.
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    It's mostly about spawning habbitat.
  8. Yes, but some of the lakes mentioned are very similar in depth, structure, habitat and feeder streams as many MWCD lakes.
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    spawning habitat is just a piece of the puzzle.i think the major factor is the streams impounded in the mwcd were home to good populations(for various reasons) before the dams were even built.many central ohio lakes are in stretches that most likely didn't hold numbers of flatheads in the first place.
    example.........alum (the creek itself)is not known for flatheads.big walnut has always held a small population,which is why it produces more flatheads.
    as for the mwcd lakes,dillon,nor the river above,unlike the others,really doesn't hold much of a population,but directly below the dam and on to the muskingum,the river does.
    my thoughts on that is they never really made their way up past dillon falls(a natural barrier) in any numbers before the lake was built.i believe the fish in the spillway and immedidately downstream are decended from flatheads that were stocked there after the dam was built,by members of my family,because we used to transplant them from the muskingum just before and after the dam was built.
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    there were reports on here last year and some bass tourneys at griggs where i heard of quite a few flatheads caught, many while bass fishing. In april i witnessed a 30-40lb floater at oshay boat docks. If anyone targets them they are very quiet about it.
  11. Super Canoe, I've caught flat heads in Deer Creek and its resevior. I don't know how big the numbers are, because I'm not really a cat fisherman. One guy claims he's caught 30 to 50 pounders in there, but I didn't see it with my own eyes. I have caught some nice size channels when the Bass, Crappie, and Saugeye are slow.
  12. Was up a trib off Scioto last weekend found a skeleton of a huge flathead was picked clean skeleton was 40" with no tail was sad sight. Here is one i got last year in Oshay res. In August on a crappie jig.
  13. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    uh, theres your answer, nice flathead..........
  14. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    oh yea, i used to fish deer creek in the 90's and caught plenty of flatties. I was witness to what i guess to be a 55 lber taken below the spillway..
  15. So far I have caught two out of the Scioto this year. One was below Oshay, and I just caught one the other night below Griggs. They weren't 40", but still a descent size. They are out there, you just have to work hard to find them, and have a lot of patience.
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    Or just throw large, noisy crankbaits in pursuit of saugeye:)
  17. Right now you would probably have more luck doing that. A couple of days ago a guy caught an 18" channel using a plastic worm.:confused:
  18. I caught 2 flatheads out of Knox Lake this spring on minnows while crappie fishing.They were 16" to 18".
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    I did that below Griggs a few days ago. Thought it was a big smallie!