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Central Air Probelm

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, May 10, 2005.

  1. We just bought our house last September. Now that it is getting warm we are noticing that the second story is warmer then the rest of the house. I know that the second floor was added on after the original house. I am thinking that the central air was not made for cooling both floors. I do have vents in the two rooms upstairs but you can barely feel the air coming out. The have electric heat, so it doesnt matter to me in the winter but now its getting pretty bad.

    What are my options here? Do I just need to buy a new unit, and if so any ideas of how much I am looking at? The furnace is new, so I dont need it replaced. I also notice that my thermostat never falls, the air just runs and runs like it cannto cool fast enough. I know the thermostat is good because it worked fine when I was heating the house.I think the central air was meant for only the first floor, and the addition of the second has messed everything up, but I am unsure of where to go from here to fix it.

    Anyone have any air conditioning experience??
  2. Lewis


    You can add an inline booster fan to the ducts that run upstairs.
    Simply seperate the ductwork downstairs,install the fan units and wire them in.
    These are 110volt motors that are wired into your furnace blower and they come on simultaneously with the furnace blower.
    This will greatly increase the cold air flow upstairs.

  3. crappiebub

    crappiebub Justcrazy's Guide!

    Do you have air returns from the upstairs rooms to pull the hot air back down from there?
  4. Does the downstairs seem to be cooling OK? If so, check to see if the furnace blower is wired to its highest speed. If so, after your outdoor unit has run for several hours, check the larger of the two refrigerant lines right at the unit. The line should be cold and sweating. If its covered with frost or ice, your A/C is undercharged. Have it checked by someone that knows what they're doing. If everything seems OK, you might want to try what Lewis suggested and use duct boosters. If I can help you in any way, PM me.
  5. I have saw these at Home Depot, but I did not know how to wire them in so I passed, if you could go into a bit more detail on how to wire it in or if it is very hard, that would help a ton

    I do not have air return from the upstairs. I 3 vents, one from the floor in my bathroom, and the other two are coming in from the ceiling into my other tow bedrooms.

    The downstairs is so so, it seems like it would if there were no upstairs. I do not know how to check to see if the blower is wired at highest speed, so if you could tell me that would be great. I am running it now and will check it in an hour or two to let you know what I see,

    thanks a ton guys with just buying the house we dont have a bunch of money to pay someone to come check it out.
  6. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    Now Im a relatively new home owner myself, so i dont have all the experience a lot of other guys do, but one thing to maintain is the radiator on the outside of the house part of the unit.

    My radiator is horizontal, and after a season (our first season in the house) I noticed that hot air was barely blowing out of it. It had quite a layer of debris, hair, all kinds of stuff coating the radiator.

    A lot of the debris was actually on the bottom of the radiator, like it got sucked up inside the frame and jammed against it. I had to open the units frame to get it cleaned real good.

    After i cleaned it real good you could feel a big difference....the heat would blast of the thing as the fan ran. Maybe it might not make the house cooler, maybe it would.

    im not sure if "radiator" is the correct term for this part, it looks like a car radiator and seems to do a similar function.
  7. Your unit may be to small for the house after the second floor was added. How big is the air unit and how many square feet is your house.
  8. jimofcfd

    jimofcfd Member

    If your furnace (A/C) is working perfectly the upstairs of the house will still tend to be warmer. Warm air rises in the house, so guess where it goes. Another factor is that your thermostat is mounted downstairs, I would assume. The downstairs cools off quicker and then the A/C shuts off while the upstairs is still warmer. The duct boosters may help with getting more cool air all of the way upstairs while the A/C is running.
  9. check the regesters dowmstairs and see if they sre blowing cold air. You might just need a recharging
  10. I do not know what size the air unit is to be honest. The house is about 1700 sf.

    My thermostat is downstairs, but it never even cools the downstairs enough to shut it off.

    The insulation is okay, but there is no return air from the second story.
  11. 1 you need a return air vent upstairs 2 the radiator he was refering to on the outside unit is called a condensing coil it could be clogged 3the outdide unit could be to small as far as a 2 3 4 ton unit the ruturn air is needed to pull the humidity out from 2nd floor it has to run to your furnace unit....if the furnace is new id think thatthe blower should already have 2 or 3 speed moter in it.......high speed for cool low for boss is a expert ill ask him and let u know but like alot of things its hard to tell until you phsicaly look at it......hope this helps
  12. Okay, I went out and found the tag on my unit, but I do not see where it says how big it is. I see volts, LRA, stuuf like this, but no tonnage or btu. Any ideas?
  13. well my boss said about the same thing i told you if u dont have a air return upstairs then that air dont have nothing to move it around and the return has to run to the furnace good luck
  14. LiquidTension

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    i agree with the return air being needed....its like blowing into a bottle, theres nowhere for the "new" air to go. i have a bungalow and the attic is always warmer than the downstairs. do your air ducts have adjustable flaps just off the furnace? cut down on the downstairs flow to get more goin upstairs.

  15. I will try this, I am going to also put something up to block the upstairs off fromt he down to see if the ait will cool better downstairs.

    Looks like I am gonna have to call someone in.....yech.