Center Rod Storage Stratos 176

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  1. A friend owns a 176 statos, recently he has had the top 6" of two rods break off while being stored in the center rod storage area. It appears to me that each rod has it's own independent tube to sit in.... so not sure how a rod could break? Does the tube only hold a portion of the rod thus leaving some of it exposed futher up? He said both rods easly fit in, and where not all the way to the end of the available sapce. Any thoughts would appreciated.
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    I assume it's a center rod locker, I have a center rod locker on my Ranger as well, the bow of the boat should have an access panel to get up into the front of the boat where the nav lights, bow mount fishfinder, and bow mount trolling motor are hooked up and wired. I would suggest looking into that panel to see what the end of the rod tubes look like, on my boat they are full tubes with end caps on his boat they may not be. I would start there and see what he sees, it's odd that he did break some rods, inspect and see what he comes up with.

  3. Mice? Mice love boats for some reason. Is it possible a mouse got in there and chewed it?