"Cement Pond" Fishing Derby - Fairborn 8/27

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  1. Greene County Parks & Rec is having a catfish fishing derby from 7-10 p.m. at the Fairborn pool on Weds, August 27th. It is $5 for Greene County residents, $7 for non-residents. The pool closed last weekend, and they are going to stock it with farm-raised catfish. There will be tagged fish also, and you can keep whatever you catch.

    If anyone is interested, you have to pre-register (just talked to them this morning and they only have 4 people signed up so far). Call them at 562-7440 for more info or stop by the office at 651 Dayton-Xenia Rd in Xenia, 8-5 Mon-Fri, to register.
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    stocking the fairborn pool with catfish? thats amazing

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    I wouldn't mind just tossing my arsenal of crankbaits and spinners in there to watch their action in clear water! :)
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    Just called and asked--you can go to the Greene County Parks and Recreation website and download the registration form, and send in your names and money. I told her there might not be time for that (they can't accept credit cards at the website) and she said you could also pay at the door if you like. I also asked about age restrictions etc, and she said the original announcement says "grandparents, bring your grandkids!"...but does that mean ONLY grandparents and grandkids? She said she thinks there is no age restriction; anyone of any age can come and fish. There are tagged fish--I have no idea what the prizes are--they may be money but may also be stuff like poles and tackle etc...I hate it when they have someone clueless to answer the phones! Since I take my g-kids there to swim all the time, I can tell you the pool is not huge. Limited parking too. I'm going early and taking the grandson who does not like to fish, but wants to catch a "prize". Sounds weird--how do they do this?--but sounds like fun...:p
  5. Hey, iteech - hope to see you there. I think they did this last year, too. Guess they just dump in the fish - the pool closed last weekend so there shouldn't be any chlorine left. The clueless one I spoke to at Greene Co. said you had to pre-register, but there was no age restriction.

    Just hope none of the guys make fun of me for wearing gloves to take the fish off the hook - I got finned real good when I was a kid and I will never forget it! I'm gonna try some really stinky doughballs I made and see what happens.
  6. am I the only one who laughed out loud when I read this??LOL!!!
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    well ladies i tell ya if ya go try some panther martin spinners, or let kids try, I always seem to get a catfish on one with no bait. try 1/4 ounce size. brass blades seem to get them most often. keep them steady.

    when ya catch one on a spinner tell them slep sent ya. lol. bring pliers.
  8. Laughing about my gloves?!? Come on, I'm a girl for crying out loud (at least I will bait the hook - even for my hubby when he goes with me) :p

    I stopped by the GCP&R office this afternoon to sign up. The prizes for tagged fish will be merchandise, but they weren't sure what yet. It is for all ages and you can pay at the door, but it will be $7 instead of $5 for Greene Co. residents. So far, only 6 people are signed up.
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    No whats laughable is this whole freaking idea. This is Fairborn/Greene County for you. I ask anyone in Greene County this:

    Is there a place that you can take your children and/or grandchildren to and catch channel cats on a regualr basis? The answer is that there are a few but not many places. Theres a freakin pond one eight of a mile from the pool (pond @ Comm Park East) that they could have thrown the fish into and supplied a few years of fishing fun for folks. That pond if fished regularly by lots of young kids and even adults. I'm sure there are more ponds like this throughout the county, in fact I know there are. If theres only been 4 people registered so far (obviously not a real popular idea) why not put the fish into the ponds throught the county?

    I may end up taking all 3 of my kids there in order to release them elsewhere (legal areas mind you). I would love to know "the rest of the story", as in where the fish came from, etc...

    I'm sorry and I do mean that, but I just dont get it.

    EDIT: I get the whole idea of easy fishing and having kids that normally wouldnt catch fish get the chance to do it and all, but I still dont like how it's put together.
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    H2O...I like your idea of bringing the kids and relocating the fish, but remember....you dont want to contaminate another fishery with fish that may be sick or diseased, you dont know where those fish came from so I wouldn't suggest it.....unless it is your own pond and you want to take the chance.
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    Slep.....remember what I told ya...lol
    keep using them inline spinners and you are gonna keep catching dinks all day!
    Big baits = Bigger fish.
    I had a GREAT big fish vacation week last week by the way.... :)
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    Hooh doggie! Is there gonna be some ricochet shootin' too?
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    Let me get this straight... they are stocking a swimming pool? Is this for real?
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    There has to be one of those redneck jokes somewhere with this idea????

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    No, they did the same thing last year too. Just doenst make much sense. :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Anyone have an address or better yet, directions to this tourney?
  17. H2O - the pond at Community Park belongs to the City of Fairborn - different from Greene County P&R. It is fished an awful lot, but I don't know if they ever actually purchase fish and stock it. It would be nice if they did, as it is a good place to take smaller kids.

    I e-mailed Fairborn's Parks & Rec director to see if we could get permission to release them at the pond, if anyone would be interested. The parks are closed at dark and wouldn't want anyone to run the risk of getting arrested trying to do a good deed!

    Chuck - DIRECTIONS: The address is 751 E Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd, Fairborn. Take 675 to exit 20, Fairborn/Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd exit (one north of the Fairfield Road/mall exit). Turn left, and you will see the pool on your right. There is road construction there right now, but you will see poles for new traffic signals at the new park/pool entrance.

    It may be kind of a redneck party (minus the beer & shotguns), but it might be fun, too.
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    Please, someone take pictures.... I must see this!
  19. No, I wasn't laughing at your gloves. I was laughing at the fact that they are stocking a swimming poolLOL!!LOL!! I'm still laughing. Only in Fairborn!!
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    I used to work for the City of Fairborn Parks and Rec. I also used to serve on the Fairborn Parks and Rec Advisory Board. The former big boss, Tom Birt (RIP) always wanted to stock fish in there. It ever happened officially..... I'll just leave ti at that. Recently the Ohio Div of Wildlife had a kids fishing tourney there and gave out free fishing rods... so if the State of OH use it then I'd think the county could do the same. There once was a 40#Flathead caught there by a Fairborn resident, who still happens to live here. We had a picture of it and other cats in the Parks office. Finally most if not all of the cats werecaught and kept by someone, which is perfectly legal. Only Bass are posted as C&R. Last I heard some folks were still putting cats caught from Rainbow Lakes in there. The pond is now twice as large as it used to be. While Tom was alive they had several fishing derbies there. I dont think Tom organized them but he gave his input/ideas regarding them. I will still every now and then take my kids there to spend an hour or so messing around. You are 100% right, no legal fishing @ night. If your seen Fairborns Finest will come back there.