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  1. i'll be switching providers here in the next few weeks. i am currently using nextel. it filled the bill when i had 2 phones, but now i'll only need 1 with 600 or so minutes...so who does everyone recommend? best service? are the picture phones worth the money?
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    I recommend the Motorola V600. It's an awesome phone and has a 4x lense on the camera!

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    I have Verizon. PRetty good reception for most of the state, except in extreme SE Ohio. Other than that, not much in the way of trouble. I think I get around 500 or 600 mins per month for like $59...PLUS 1000 mobile to mobile and unlimited nights and weekends.
  4. Have had cel phones from back in the 80's and tried many different carriers as well as phones. Verizon and Motorola provide the best coverage, service and reliability.
  5. Avoid AT&T and Panasonic phones! I can't hear a thing on the phone when it doesn't cut out.
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    I've had verizon for a couple weeks. I seriously havn't been anywhere that I don't get service and the customer support is top notch.

    Don't go to Sprint.
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    Go to Salt Fork State Park. If they haven't put up a tower since last summer, if you don't stand on a hill, you can't talk ;)
  8. I worked in the cell phone industry for 5 years. Verizon has the best reception, and that's the most important to me. There rates aren't the best, but they are competitive.
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    Verizon had the best all around coverage. They are correct with the pricing and such isnt quite as good as some of the others. Discgolfer what area are you in. Verizon is the best all around coverage but I do know several areas that Verizon isnt so good and other companies cover those areas better. Most of the time they will have you covered better than most places due to the roaming agreements that they have. I've been a technician for Verizon and Alltel and anything you'd like to know about those 2 companies I would he happy to explain. Been laid off by both since they no longer use thier own technicians and hired from an outsourcing place but just ask away. :) I also know Sprint very well since that is who I have for the time being.

    I agree with Shortdrift on the Motorola phones. With Verizon they work extrememly well I would stay away from LG phones unless the finally gotten better. As far as the Camera phone it really depends. I like having one myself for days I forget to bring one out while fishing or what have you and I got some really neat pictures on my phone including a piebald deer. Ohiomj has a great point and I would stay away from AT&T. There are a couple posts from about 2 or 3 weeks ago if you do a search .. I explained the digital and explained most of the companies. That may help you some too but dont hesitate to ask. :)
  10. thanks for the info guys. i live in north canton...don't get very far away too often, but i dont want to get hammered with roaming charges. i know when we went up to fletchers pond last year, 2 other guys always had service, and mine went out 2 hours south of camp. i'm paying $85 a mos. now for 600 minutes and 500 direct connect, w/free nights and weekends. and that includes a corporate discount! what a rip. do they charge per picture sent too? going out and making a decision this weekend. :)
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    and 300 day time minutes and unlimited nights and weekends for 39.95
    it works fine up north but down in se ohio it dosent work when you get off 77 south on lake erie it is in and out........jim
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    We have Verizon and the Motoral V120E phones. They do not take pictures but overall I like the phone. I don't think that I would like flip phones but to each his own on that one. Verizone has good coverage like everyone has said. I can tell you that if you go south into Minerva that service is spotty so is service in Zanesville, Piedmont and really hilly rural areas. I recently took a trip to the lower western part of Michigan and I had pretty good reception in just about all of the places I was in. The extended network area is pretty good when you aren't actually on Verizon towers. We have the family share plan. We have 500 anytime shared minutes, unlimited night and weekend minutes and 1000 shared in-network minutes (mobile to mobile). If you are only going to have a single phone they have a promotion going on right now that you can get unlimited mobile to mobile minutes with any other Verizon Wireless user. Would be great if your fishing buddies all had Verizon as well. Text messaging is available at $0.10 for sending and $0.02 for receiving or you can get 100 text messages for $2.99 or $3.99 (don't remember which). I am not sure of the charge for picture phones since we don't use that feature. Included in out plan is free caller-id, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling and basic voicemail. Insurance is also available to an addition $3.95 a month which has a $50.00 deductable if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged (I imagine accidently dropping it in the lake would be covered as well)

    Overall, I am pleased with the customer service we receive and the phone service as well. Something that just came out this past January is that new phone have a GPS system built into the phone so that in case of an emergency the 911 operator is supposed be be able to pinpoint your location within 200 yards (or so I heard) as long as the handset is turned on.

  13. thanks everyone. i think i'm going t-mobile. 600 anytime minutes and free weekends=$39.95. the coverage isnt as good as others, but for staying local most of the time the price is right.
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    i have heard good things about t-mobile in citys. I have a buddy who has them and never leaves cincy and it is awesome for that.
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    I have T-mobile everyone I know has T-mobile. Can't beat it, I have been alot of places since I got it, I have NEVER been on roaming, I have NEVER lost a signal, or even got a weak signal for that fact. Best cell phone I have ever had and great deal. I got the V66 with 600 whenever minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, free lond distance for 39.00 a month. It does not use any minutes on your plan if you call another t-mobile user. Also after each year you are with them, you get the upgrade on the type phone you have for free. Can't beat it.