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    I'm going to be getting a cell phone through Verizon in the next week or so. I'm going to get one of the free ones that comes with a plan. I don't need anything special with any add-ons. I want something with good reception and a clear speaker. If any of you have the following models, let me know what you think. Thanks.

    Samsung u550
    Motorola W385
    Samsung u340
    Samsung u410
    Samsung Knack
    Samsung Juke
  2. in my experience(alltel) the free phones w/plan are junk...terrible reception!!! upgraded to one that was $269 with $200 rebate w/plan so the $69 was well worth it! great reception and no more dropped calls

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    My wife got a free phone through Verizon and her reception is horrible and she needs to charge the battery every day. Go for the upgrade! BTW she has a Samsung model, not sure what one though.
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    i have that Motorola model you mentioned and took it for the same reasons you listed. To date, knock on wood, I have not had any problems at all.
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    I have Verizon and got and LG vx5400 camera phone for free the battery lasts for 3 or 4 days before I have to charge it and I have had no problems with reception the wife has the same phone but her battery only lasts 2 -3 days The only problem I have is when I send a picture they always comes in blank.
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    As long as you didn't sign anything yet, go to letstalk.com and review
    the phones and plans you like. They are always giving away more free
    phone with a plan then the service providers.
  8. think about what features of the phone you will use and won't use. then get a phone based on that. i do like that new android phone that T-mobile has. but i am an AT&t customer. i might use my upgrade on a blackjack or blackberry.if i could do it all over again i would have stayed with verizon
  9. I'm not selling verizon but i have been with them and only them for several years. I had great success with their phones. Me, wife and two kids have the family plan and all of our phones seem to work very well. When we do have problems with a phone their customer service seems to help us quickly. I have the LGLP Phone that opens for texting(helps to keep quit when hunting) and they just sent me a new one for free (i am very hard on my phone-tend to drop it alot) the old one kept shuting off. We usally upgrade to whatever the free phones our or pay 10-30bucks for one we want. If you do your account on line they show you which phones you can get and there are alot that you can get for free (kids use these). With verizon if you dial *228 it will update your phone and will help find new towers for better reception.
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    I'm also a verizon fan. Good phones good service. I dropped my razr in the toliet the other day still works ;) motorola. I used to have a samsung put it through the washer and it works. I'd say they both work good compared to thier tests ;) As long as the phone isn't too fancy they are normally pretty durable. Last word: Avoid the juke its cool with the flip and all but the screen is as big as your thumbnail. Good Luck!
  11. one time i dropped my samsung phone in the dishwater while washing dishes. i took the battery and sim card out, let it all air dry for a few days and it worked fine.if you get a expensive phone i would get the insurance
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    i have a samsung a930 and while its a little older and not a standard "free" phone, it has been my best phone to day by far. I would therefore be very confident about getting another samsung phone.

    As for phone reviews, I would avoid cnet. They seem to be overly biased to the iphone and seem to ignore features when reviewing or even be overly critical on other phones for what seems like no reason. A more unbiased phone review site would be phonedog.com. They hit both the goods and bads in their reviews and give a very good description of what you are going to be getting. They also do in depth video reviews of most of their phones so that you get to see the product in use and this can be worth far more than just a text review.