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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BlueMax, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Just a heads up that you might want to look over your cell phone bill closely. I noticed a $19.98 charge on my latest cell bill. It was listed as "e-wallet" charges. Qty - 2. I called the provider since I did not know what these charges were. I was informed that e-wallet charges are for ring tones, wallpaper, etc from a third party. I informed the service rep that I do not use nor did I ever use any service such as that. She promptly did some typing to reverse the charges and said she sees a lot of this and it is a problem. While she was doing her typing I dug out last months bill. Same thing. $19.98 in e-wallet charges. She added those in for a refund. Funny thing is I bought a new cell phone in mid January and have not touched this phone since then while I wait for the service contract to end on March 1.
    In the past I also had similar problems on my land line bill for third party long distance charges. I also get those refunded. They are added in from time to time.
    Rotten crooks!
  2. Good catch Bluemax I always watch the cell phone bills like a hawk, they have done that several times, the best one was when they charged me and the wife for a bunch of text message that we supposedly made to get wallpapers/polls, etc. It took getting to the 3 rd level of management before we could convince them to look at what model phones we were both using and neither had text messaging capabilities. that was a nightmare. My phone still doesnt have that, its an oldie, cant upload any ring tones, no text messg, no blue tooth, no camera, just a simple phone, which is all I want!! Too bad they still dont make em like that anymore, they keep pleading with me to upgrade but as long as it keeps on ticking, ill keep on using it.:p


  3. I know what you are saying. But the problem is when your battery is shot and it is going to cost more to buy a replacement battery than it costs for a new phone.:rolleyes: That is how I ended up needing to upgrade. The phone I have came with a camera but I didn't even want it. I just said as long as it handles calls I am happy.

    I don't know what company you guys have had the nightmares with but I will say that I have been on Verizon for years and have had very little problem on billing.
  4. Bingo, without mentioning names, you mentioned my company, you know, the one with the billing problems... ;^)