ceasers creek crappie?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by leftfordead88, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. does anyone know if the crappie are hitting? planning on taking a boat out tommorrow to see what turns up, plan on using hand painted jigs and 2" grubs, maybe spinners. maybe i should try another lake near by??
  2. I’m reasonably certain that all floating docks are high and dry at CC.

  3. well we went out from 1 to 5, targeted crappie, not hits at all, trolled around for a while then started throwing buzz baits seeing how the bass would react. i had one jump up to get it but missed. that was the first time that has ever happened, the bass seemed real slow like he didnt really care, usually they just nail em. but whatever. there were only two other boats out that we saw.. didnt catch anything all day except a cold
  4. other than the free beer...it sucked...
  5. Rob

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    I think we're trying Cowan this weekend. Smaller fish but a TON more of 'em. If you try CC, let us know how you do.

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    If you are going to fish CC for crappie this time of year, you will have to go deep. My experience is that jigs don't work well.
    Try finding a bush pile in 18-25 ft of water. Then use minnows and a slider bobber. The bite is rather light so use light line. Good luck!