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ceasers creek boat ramps

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Tennessee, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Tennessee

    Tennessee Team Stratos

    are they open? any fishing reports?
  2. Here is an address for lake levels.

    It shows CC at +3.4 ft which is getting pretty close to the right level. If the ramps aren't open it won't be long.

    Go Titans!!!!!

  3. Furnas, Wellman, and Haines road ramps are open, imagine the campground ramp is too. North pool is closed due to construction, not the flood.
  4. The ramps are open you just have to wade to the dock. I launched by myself and tied boat to truck after I got it off the trailer I walked the trailer to the boat pulled it over to the side and tied it off to a tree. Reverse on taking out. Water color is pretty good actually, I got seven on a buzzbait in the south pool, only thing I could get a bite on, left just before noon it was starting to get crazy especially with the docks submerged.... Temp was 77 at start, up to 82 when I left.
  5. Tennessee

    Tennessee Team Stratos

    Thanks for the info
  6. hey bandit, theres nothing better than getting hit on a buzzbait!! if that was the only lure they would I would complain at all!!
  7. grabrick

    grabrick Hook, Line & Sinker

    I'm a big fan of getting nailed off a spook. I seem to have a better hook-set ratio with that bait. Probably because I bring buzzbaits back too fast. The only thing that bothers me with a spook is the second treble hook has a tendency to stab the fish again.
  8. Fished CC today just after dawn for about 6 hours. Fish were going crazy eating up the cicadas. Hooked 3 in the first 50 feet of shore I fished until an 8 pound carp sucked in my Bass Pro Cicada topwater, wrapped me around a log and broke it off. I waited there for about 10 minutes hoping he'd throw it, but it wasn't to be. Closest thing I had to that Cicada was a small black Jitterbug, which also worked but not quite as well. I ended up catching 3 of those big carp, and really spent the whole day jerkin' my bait away from them so I didn't lose any more lures. The bluegill were usually the first at the scene when the bait hit the water, and I caught so many I flirted with the idea of letting the hooked fish run around with the lure for a minute or two just to see if a toothy critter might decide to join the fun. I never did, however, catch any bass over about 13" on the topwater stuff, so I started pitching soft plastics and dragging a dropshot down some points. I basically blanked doing that, but all in all it sure was a fun morning.
    I used the Wellman ramp. The water was up over the front part of the docks pretty good, so you either had to wade to lauch or do what I did and beach the boat over by that big (Arborvitae?) shrub that fell near the ramp.