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  1. Does any one ever try fishin the deep water out there. Like the 80' to 100'
    deep. If so what are you catchin that deep, and what time of the year to you fish that deep. Just wondering, I've never tried fishin that deep, and never see anybody fishin that deep.
  2. Bluebuster -
    I don't think there is enough oxygen in those depths for the fish to survive.

  3. That for the reply King. The oxygen thing makes since. But when I went on a Charter down on Cumberland the strippers we caught was in water 80' to 90' foot deep. Maybe only certain types of fish can handle it.
  4. Were you in 150 feet of water or deeper, 80 to 90 feet could be the middle of the water there. Those depths are the bottom of the lake at CC, this may make a difference, not for sure though. Just a thought.

  5. Were we were fishin at was around 95' to 100' deep.
  6. All fish species will suspend over open water in Caesar's Creek, all year round. I have often heard anglers complain that the bass fishery in CC is poor, but truth is we are catching nice bass there on our musky lures with some regularity, especially in the Fall. Whethre you are fishing for muskies, bass or crappies, suspended fish are often inactive, and therefore quite difficult to catch. These same fish species typically hang out over deep water in the summer months, but never, ever drop below the thermocline layer (no oxygen) which at CC is usually set up around 22 feet or so.

    If you are fishing in this deeper water, I suggest trolling to cover lots of water, or otherwise fish close to structure casting deep diving crankbaits or other lures that will go deeper. Hope this answers your questions!
  7. Tom is right. Some of the bass have been over 6lbs. and as far as I know all were released.
  8. Seems like Ceasars Creek must have a lot of fish less water
  9. CC is the only lake where I have caught saugeye suspended over deep water . 99 % of the time if you are fishing for seye you have to be on or near the bottom .
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    the old saying "10% of the lake holds 90% of the fish".