Ceasars Creek Numbers

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  1. Well since theres only a few weeks probably left to fish CC thought id see how everybody else did their this year. I myself caught more drum and bluegills this year than ive caught in other years put together. Only caught a few bass. Caught more saugeyes this year than previous year.Did see 3 muskies this year (not bad since I hadnt seen one in 2 years). Did not hardly catch any crappie compared to previous 2 years. But the ones we caught were bigger than last years. Caught a few Perch, no catfish.
    Pretty sums up my year so far at CC. How did you guys do this year?Good year Bad year? Did you catch more of one species than you usally did previous years? My biggest surprise this year was how many Bluegills there were catch.
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    had a pretty good day at cc thursday from 1 to 6 pm. cought 9 fish 7 white bass under 7 inches a large mouth around 12 and a nice white bass about 13 to 15 inches. all were around schools of baby shad chasing spinners wouldn't bite on cranks, plastic worms, grubs or top water, they seemed to like orange.

    i forgot my camera so therefor i cought fish, think i am gonna leave camera behind next time too!!!

    sure was my best day on cc this year but haven't fished it since june.