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Ceasar Creek

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by One Sock, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Went there yesterday so the kids could play around at the beach area. Did not bring any rods, just wanted to check it out. lake, a few questions for those that fish it..

    1, how big do the bass get?
    2, how deep is the lake?
    3, any smallies in there?
    4, who has a boat and wants to take a bassaholic out?:D
  2. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    1. BIG, I would bet there are fish pushing ten lbs.
    2. Deepest point is around 115 ft.
    3. there are a few smallies in there, but not enough to really target.
    4. I have a bass boat, just have to make our schedules match

  3. Biggest I know of was a tuesday night tourney fish over 8 pounds several years ago. I caught on well over six maybe close to seven. No scale and no reason to keep her. She was prespawn. Depth is deep everywhere. Water is usually very clear(Zebra Mussels). Nice smallies, like the other post says, just catch one once in awhile while largemouth fishing. I would like to target smallies, but it is tough enough to target the largemouth. Some call it the Dead Sea, I would be one of them. It has big problems when it comes to cover and spawning habitat. Not to mention the DNR wants to make it the Musky capital of Ohio. I dont know how many of you have seen a Musky eat, but a decent 30-40 inch Musky will eat a three pound bass. On Lake St. Clair i had a three pound smallie on. This fish was going nuts, jumping then digging then jumping again. Then right when I was bringing her in, a Musky shot out from under the boat(They will hang in the shadow created by a boat in the open water) and hit that smallmouth. She tried to jump into the boat to get away from that toothy critter. The Tube jig that was sticking thru the fish's upper lip, stuck in the rub rail of the Ranger and needles to say that musky ripped her to shreds. So there she was bleeding and hanging just barely in the water.Oh well, I guess that is nature. It was wild. But that smallie going crazy sure made that Musky react. The next day at the weigh in, a competitor had a St.Clair smallie that suffered the same fate. Took the dead fish penalty and weighed her in. I guess it is not too uncommon on St.Clair.
  4. Trying to dispell myths from one who appears to accuse muskies of being the reason they can't catch largemouth like on TV. I've been told the fishermen who can change their techniques from those that consistently don't work are catching quality fish. That being said...
    1. Lunkers, how many bass, saugeye and catfish eat bass fingerlings? Further, it appears you have never seen a muskie on CC eat a bass (since you jumped into a "Once upon a time..." story on St. Clair)
    2. No...muskies don't swim around and hang out in the shadow of boats (on a rare occassion a following fish may stay there for a few seconds).
    3. You are showing your naiveté by comparing Caesar's Creek (only had muskies for a few years) to Lake St. Claire (arguably one of the premier muskie fisheries on the planet).

    To One Sock, there are lots of quality bass in CC. Just this year I've caught a 6lb LM that may have been a State record Kentucky Spot (see below). Every time I fish for LM, I catch at least one keeper and I rarely fish for them so they can't be that hard to catch for one who knows what they're doing. The smallies are in there too, but the others are correct, they are hard to target. Your best bet for smallies would be to go down stream of the damn and get on the lower part of the Little Miami River. Lots of guys do well there.


    Not meaning to rant at Lunkers, but un-informed people who try and fish (note I refrained from calling them fishermen...which generally denotes sportsmen) tend to blame other species for why they are unable to be successful. That same type of people are the ones who slit a fish's throat thinking it makes thier chances better. Those same people would be better off helping folks who catch nice bass understand the importance of releasing them. I've seen many, many LM bass on stringers, and that's with a size limit. One could note that there is no size limit on muskies, so it can be argued that the state cares about bass populations more.
  5. Not sure where you're going with that post but the other guy didn't sound like he was blaming muskies for his inability to reel in 10 pounders cast after cast. Some people just aren't blessed with that gift. And we're talking about fishing here for crying out loud, no one insulted your mother! Here I'm looking for information on catfish and muskies in Caesar Creek and all I see is some guy making himself look like a fool. go almost completely off-topic, muskie are some pretty fierce fish. I just watched a show on the Outdoors Channel today where they were catching muskie on the St. Lawrence river with lures that were about a foot and half long! And I've seen them do exactly what the previous guy was talking about. That's why they tell Muskie-fishermen to swim your lure in a figure-8 around the boat after you reel it in. Occasionally (not all the time) they'll take it right there in front of you.
  6. if you want to take your kids out and actually catch alot of bass, go to cowan, acton, or the hamliton co. parks (probably the best bassin in the cincy area). cc is deep clear and beat to , wich is why people dont catch many bass there. as for the muskie statement that was just plain ignorance, the ski's are stocked because the bass fishing was going in the tubes, the lake is long past its boom and with the amount of pressure it gets it will never be as good a bass lake as people wish it would be. with muskies in the lake maybe the bass will get a break, but atleast people might actually catch something that they cant catch in a farm pond. as for the the muskie part, if someone does do i hope the dnr catches them and they get the huge fine
  7. Thanks for the info guys and hit me up if anyone wants to go. I thrive on high pressure lakes where people say the bite is slow or not as good as it once was. I get more satisfaction catching fish in places like that because it means that i might have actually learned something over the years as opposed to just whipping fish to the boat on every other cast. i don't care who you are, if your not catching fish, your doing something wrong, that's my opinion anyway. I would love to hit that lake up and dropshot some baits on it, looking at what i could see it looks like a great place to dropshot( of course I have no idea what is below the water surface, but with depths that were mentioned, i bet dropshotting a high pressured lake like that would be just the ticket to catching more and bigger fish Made a new color(for me) dropshot bait and the bass were wrecking it at a local park lake here, problem is the bass are usally very small, I need a fish who can take some line on me, it's been too long

    I'll be heading back to Pa at the end of july to fish some of my old haunting grounds, really stoked as it is not uncommon to hit 15-20 bass with a few over 5 lbs anyway, thanks again, here is the color I poured, tell me what you think, purple is one of my favorite colors in soft plastics

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  8. Wow, what a bad disposition, I will try to ignore that. As hard as it is, I will take Big B for what it is. One Sock that is a good looking Drop Bait. I drop shot regularly on the Great Lakes. I have tried with little success on CC. I am a local that gets stuck in the rut of fishing the laydowns. Not to mention all the sunken brush. I know where some good drops are with scatterd stumps and lots of rock. There are a couple big humps and long tapering points with sharp drops on one side or the other. There are huge spotted bass that frequent these, not to mention the keeper Smallmouth I manage to catch only during tournaments. You seem like a good guy and I would like to take a true finesse fisherman out. You could probably help me refine my drop technique. I have a special worm I have been meaning to try on the drop shot. I just have trouble forcing myself to get away from the bank. I have caught so many good fish shallow. I have been saying the same stuff about CC for awhile.There has to be some good deep water fish somewhere. I just have not found any below 10-15 feet.I live right by the lake, maybe we can get together some evening for a couple hours anyway. I am going to Rocky or Paint with my dad this weekend. Next weekend is time for Tanners. I dont have a free weekend day for awhile.I have been trying to get my honey do's done. I am sure most of us know they will never be done. There is always more to come. Take it easy guys.
  9. Lunkers,

    I would love to take you up on that offer, i know what you mean about beating the banks, I was always the same way..until I hit lake barkley for a tourny and my partner was knocking fish dead fishing a 7 inch worm on a drop shot rig, banging smallies left and right, it's then that you realize, adapt or get off the water, as far as being a true finesse fisherman...i'm not so sure about that, I love to run and gun, especially with spinnerbaits and topwaters, but there is a time and place for everything, hell you might even see a carolina rig come out and I hate carolina rigging..

    Ever need a tourny partner let me know, i thrive on competition and can hold my own in the back of anyone's boat..pretty handy with the net too when I'm not holding my own:D
  10. Hi guys.
    In years past I've only used the CC spillway for Crappie
    fishing at night. Would it do me any good to fish for them
    on the main lake in the boat?

    Another question:

    Are there really Perch in CC? Any numbers, quality etc...

    "Gloves up!"

  11. I have caught about a half dozen keeper yellow perch in CC in my life while fishing hazard flats for crappie and saugeye, they are in there, but there is not a good sized population as far as i know and i wouldn't bother targeting them
  12. ok, you guys are going to think I'm nuts, but try trolling HUGE Muskie baits at high speeds both surface and shallow divers. One of my ski buddies trolls CC for Muskies and he catches several HUGE LM bass each season (and occasionally huge 26+) saugeyes. At first he thought it was a fluke when he pulled in a 6lb LM, but in the last 3 years he has been catching more 6lb+ bass than skis! He has caught them as large as just under 8lbs in CC & also pulled a 30 inch saugeye last year.

    If you are truly after a lunker give it a try; it only takes 1 fish like that to make a trip exciting!
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    I fish the spillway also from time to time for crappie. Good fishing in there. As for the lake side if you are traveling by boat dock at wellman's go toward the dam then left into flat fork creek cove area. If you go back to the far left where the stump field begins there is a tree underwater with the branches submerged. I have seen hundreds of boats fishing that location pulling out a lot of crappie. I always bank fish the lake. Haven't yet invested in a boat. I've invested it all in lures. lol.