Ceasar Creek State Park

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by bellyboater, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Was curious if any southwest ohio hunters have deer hunted here. And if they had any suggestions on where to go. thanks
  2. I do all my hunting there. There's plenty of deer, you just have to be a little more persistant. I shot a small 8 point there last year. Haven't seen anything bigger than a small 4 point this year. I would suggest trying to locate near feeding areas this late in the year. If you drive around the park a little, there are a lot of wheat fields around. My best advise is to pick a place or area that you think looks good and hunt it for awhile. I hunted the same spot for two years, and think there are probably better areas in the park. There is a lot of pressure in certain areas. I've tried often to call coyotes there also, but have had no luck. I here them all the time after dark. I also have seen a few flocks of turkeys from time to time. One day this fall, I had a flock of fifteen in front of my stand. Like any other woods, there are a million squirrels. Hope this helps.

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