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Ceasar Creek - shorefishing?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by dmbfanatpsu, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. I have never been to Ceasar Creek and before I make the trip, I was wondering what it offers to the shorefisherman? Anybody have any info, tips, advice? I checked on the ODR website and couldn't find anything about shorefishing their?
  2. The main place I have fished CC from the shore is just over from the beach. When you turn in towards the beach, there is a turn off to the right from it that leads to a parking lot by the bridge. There's plenty of fishing there. More l;ater, my instructor just showed up.

  3. Floater

    Floater Floatin' on by

    You can do pretty well for crappie and saugeye fishing the boat docks at night around the lake, mostly in the spring and fall. Get there early too, the spots usually go quick on the weekend nights. Other than the docks, the spillway can be good.
  4. I'm at work now so no time to post a full shore spot list but I'll post or PM you later. I shore fished that lake for years and have some productive spots. What are you fishing for and when are you planning on making the trip?

  5. Brad Jerman

    Brad Jerman Blessed Member

    There really are places all around the lake. I have been partial to one where the water temp seems to be a bit warmer in early spring. If you are heading SE on 73 from Waynesville, cross the bridge and turn at the first right, then turn right again and find the path at the back of the parking lot... that takes you down to a cove that you can actually see from the bridge, but has produced good crappies for me. I'm afraid I havn't been there is a few years though, spending more time up in the creek itself. A great place for White bass by the way.
    Here is a map of the lake. The Haynes ramp accesses the feeder creek for the lake and can be good. Also, the end of Harveyburg road has a lot of stumps and trees that provide good cover for bass.
    Hey Brad, I live in Springboro, congrats on the buck. I gave you my vote, looks like your winning.
  7. shadesplace

    shadesplace Game Champion

    I bank fish CC weekly. If anyone ever wants to get together let me know. e-mail me Some of my favorite spots include under the 73 bridge at the handicap fishing dock. You can cast out into deep water with short casts. From the edge the water drops off nearly 12-15 feet deep. I like to use 3 1/2-4" tubes here and bounce them across the bottom. Another excellent spot is across from the dam. from 73 go on same road the dam is located on. Cross the dam and park near the fossil cliff area. Park on the left side of the road and walk to the end of the field towards the lake. at the end of the field on the right you will find a path leading down a small hill to the water. The water level here is not very deep and is excellent for musky/bass. Further back into the cove you can find a cove full of stumps excellent for bass, though difficult to fish from the bank. I have endless spots. I have hiked alot of the trails around the lake fishing differnt spots. Im usually out there weekly with a fishing vest on, sometimes waders, and nearly every time with an ultralight. If anyone has any other questions about the spots or wants to go out with me sometimes send me an e-mail and we will meet up.

    Some of my other favorite hot spots include:
    - Cowen Lake
    - Germantown Dam
    - West Carrollton Spillway
    - Cave Run (Morehead, KY)

  8. The Spillway can be great fishing...especially in the spring and fall.