Ceasar Creek 7/24

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  1. Fished the afternoon and evening at Ceasars. Got on the water at the campground ramp at 3:00pm and fished till 11:00 pm. We (ThePrince and I) fished it slow and thorough where we could. Lots of heavy boat traffic - the choppiest I have ever seen, averaging about 2 feet waves with much bigger wakes as most boats over 25ft/250hp feel it necessary to buzz the fisherman, likely in hopes of stealing a glimpse of fish being caught. Uncomfortable and annoying to say the least.

    The main event was talking with the owner of Tackle Town; the bait store just past Center Road on SR380. He has everything there, even live soft craws. And he passed on some tips for great locations out of state. Found out that he and I had many of the exact same teenager fishing adventures in the Ceaser Creek region, but about 15 years out of phase and long before the lake was built. It was very fun and I wish we could have sat down and talked and drank beer for the rest of the day.

    We started on the south side of the island, me with a crawler rig down low and he with a slip-bobber and crawler. A couple of decent strikes on the crawler harness, but nothing for an hour's work in what looks like very decent geography.

    We then put on some 3/8 erie dearies and smaller deep diving crank baits and trolled from the north edge of the island to the campground boat ramp for a couple of hours. We were marking regular fish on the bottom on that 10-35 ft break line and managed to pick up one very releasable small saugeye.

    Then, on to the Dam cove. (that's obviously the cove to the left of the Dam at the extreme south end of the lake) On our way, we worked the no wake area just south of the bridge on every sweet looking stump and shady nook, determined to find a largemouth hungry for a dangling soft craw. T'was not to be yesterday. At the Dam cove we fished the plateau and the south shoreline with slip bobbers and dearies tipped with crawlers till the last light. There was no bite, but there were good marks suspended at 12-15 ft.

    We did manage to find campers cove at about 10:00pm. But that was by accident. We were lost...big time lost...and in search of the 73 bridge in the dark and in cloud cover. Sincere thanks to the gentlemen for the assist - sorry to wake you. Hope we didn't interrupt anything. She really was beautiful in the moonlight.

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    Thanks, hard to believe nothing took those soft craws. I would've thought a hungry smallie on the rip-rap under the 73 bridge would bite.
    Where's that picture??