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    Who's got one, and how hard is the test? I have experience driving dumps and have done some work in a truck yard moving trailers, but I have never gotten one.:confused:
  2. It's about a 2 week class... Most of it is safety and loading / unloading / tiedown safety. The last few days you do city, and highway tests, and docking test... It's not too bad. I've been through the class..But never got my CDLs instated.

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    Well that sucks. I have 3 weeks to get it. I figured you just took a written and a driving test, didn't think there was a class.:(
  4. You only have to take the written and driving portions. They are more relaxed if you rent their gear for the driving test rather than bring your own. At least they used to be,it has been a while since I got mine.

    Just go do it and be confident.Make sure you know your leak down times and testing you will be fine.
  5. The first thing you need to do is make sure you know your pretrip inspection. Work with someone that has one to go over it with you so you dont make many mistakes. As mentioned before its better to rent their trucks for the test.. Most of the time they are auto and shorter trucks. I took mine in willard but do not know the name. Dont wait til the last minute to take it just incase you fail. Must wait a week I think to retake. O yeah get permit good luck
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    Thanks guys. Whats the fees to rent their truck? I may be able to borrow a truck from a buddy, but if their fee isn't too bad, I'd rather go that route. They told me I'd have to take the written in Fremont, and the driving part in Willard or Perrysburg.:)
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    do you have any road experience or just yard. your first part of a "CLASS A" cdl will be going to the license burea and getting the manual. study it, learn it a few weeks prior to testing. you will have to pass the permit test first, test for as many endorsents as you want (i got all but pass bus), its all the same cost now, but all extra if you want to add them later. i got the hazmat endorsement too, but i will not do it again. too many hoops to jump thru and an extra 100 bucks for something im probably not going to use.

    your test will be in 3 parts and you must pass each one before moving on to the next, fail and your done for the day. you can keep testing as long as it takes to pass, just once a day.

    you got 30 minutes (i think) for your pretrip. the easiest way to remember it is to start at the top of the rig, from the center and work your way down and out. touch everything that you can as you say what your inspecting for. explain to the exaimner what your looking for. make sure when you leave that cab after doing your dash inspection, you pull the key out of the ignition and put it in your pocket. i made sure the exaimner saw me do this. if he ask you why, so nobody runs you over when were inspecting the rig. never crawl between the tractor tires and the dolly legs (auto fail) go behind the dolly legs to look at the 5th wheel.

    when i say rig i mean the entire tractor and trailer. the manuverability was pretty easy you will have 3 manuvers to preform in like an hour. first one is straight line backing, its where you have to back the rig about 80 feet down a 12' wide lane and stop inside the cones, it simulates backing between 2 buildings. pretty easy if you have any experience. next manuver, is off set backing. here you will basically pull the rig forward (from you stopped position of your straight line backing) up to, but not past a set of cones and back the rig into the next lane on the your right. you must be inside the cones of a 12' wide box with the rig, nothing can be hanging over the lines or its a deduction, mirrors dont count, theres also cones in front and back of the box you cant be over. you will then pull forward to the cones again and do whats called an ally dock. mine was off to the left. you have another lane on your right that your rig cannot cross or its points.the ally dock is pretty simple, it a 12' lane, about 80' deep to your left at 45deg. you must back the rig into the box and stop the dot bumper of the trailer inside of a 3' deep box or its points. your allow i think 30 points for the exam and 1 get out and look (for every manuver) before he starts adding points, every other get out and look is only 1 point. take your 1 point and get out and look if need be. my first 2 manuvers i scored perfect, the ally dock he hit me with a 10 pointer because i honked my horn (signals the exaimner your done) without getting out and looking to see if i was in correct position, i wasnt, my bumper was past the 3' box. i went to ttds for a 5 day school and saw exams everyday and these 3 moves were all they tested, there are a total of 5 manuvers that can be tested, but these flow from one to the other, any other manuvers and the exaimner will have to reset the course for them.

    what can i say about the road test, mirrors, mirrors and mirrors, every 8 to 10 seconds you better be looking in BOTH mirrors, know how to double clutch and down shift, pay attention to the road signs (he will ask you what at least 2 of them said after you pass them), slow down, but DO NOT stop on R&R track, if you have to stop just past an R&R crossing and the entire rig cant make it over wait until you can completly clear it. when crossing R&R make sure to look as far up the tracks on BOTH side of the road as you can see, do the speed limit, but no more than 11mph under, both hand on the wheel at all times, DO NOT SHIFT during a turn (he got me on that), when you stop at an intersection (or R&R for that matter), be able to see the white line on the road or if theres a car in front of you be able to see "where the rubber meets the road" or their back tires. when stopped at an intersection, stay in gear with the clutch depressed (never sit in netural). when you commit to a turn, take it and dont hesitate. your being scored on how you react, as well as how you drive. dont be nervous (haha) he will be talking to you most of the exam, if you see him writing down spomething, dont panic, he might be doing it to see how you react. dont make your turns too wide(crossing the center line) and by all means DO NOT RUN OVER A CURB, thats about the only thing that will get you an automatic fail, other than an accident. if you cant remember everything, say it aloud as your doing it. i got in the habit weeks before taking my test to look at R&R crossings, stop back at intersections, drive with both hands on the wheel, just started to really concentrate on good driving habits. oh, and dont forget to wear your seat belt. :p

    good luck. i know its alot. pratice before you go, learn the pretrip, even start doing them so it becomes second nature before the exam. ive been yard jocking for well over 20 years and i doubt i could have passed without going to the 5 day class. they taught me just about everything i just told you, except i got to do 4 hrs in yard manuvers and 4 hrs over the road a day. the 4 hrs of daily road driving helped alot.
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    WHEWWW....And here all this time, we thought you were just another smiling, pretty face on the lake that likes to eat panko. ;) :)
    George, you better start giving a lil credit where its due. :p
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    Wow, thanks for the detailed info EZ.:) From what you have written, I'm thinking 3 weeks isn't going to be enough time. I'm still gonna get it done though.
  10. Three weeks is plenty of time I got the CDl packet and took the witten the next day, went directly from the test to take a physical and drug screen(can't rent a truck without one) and took the test a week later.

    Call and make the appointment for the test as soon as you pass the written they fill up quick, go to the Willard station they used to be the easiest to pass an one other thing take someone with you to drive once you pass the test your reg. lic. is null and void
  11. They have taken out the reverse lane change. Now you have to parallel park. Been watching the new guys at work practicing. GOOD LUCK!
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    the parallel parking is one of the five manuvers that you could be tested on. yes, it is very tough to nail, you do more nailing the front i forgot about the pee test and DOT physical. got to have a recent ones before you take your cdl test, i think within 30 days of your test.
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    I think the thing most people fail is the pre-trip insp. ezbite pretty much nailed the rest of it.
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    I've had mine for about 15 years, so I'm not sure if this is still correct, but my suggestions are: 1)Before you start the pre-trip, ask the examiner to tell you when you have a passing score. That way, if you've missed something, you won't declare you are done prematurely. 2) During manuverability, it (at the time I took it) only cost 1 point to change directions, but 5 if you ran over a cone or line, so, if you see you're about to run one over, stop, pull or back up into a better position, then proceed. 3) During the driving test, do not run over any lines, not even a parking space line. That was a 5 point deduction as well. 4) If the people you are currently working for, or a friend has a truck and trailer in good condition, you can use it, even if it's just a dump truck (with a trailer if you're going for a class A), regardless of weight, it just has to have air brakes if you need that endorsement. Just be sure it is empty. Also, the CDL'd driver that you take with you HAS to drive away from the test facility if you pass. I think it's BS, but as soon as you pass the test, your current license is void, until you go to the BMV to get your new one.

    Does anybody know if they still require the reverse serpentine? If so, I have suggestions for that as well, but if they no longer require it, I'll not take the time to describe it.

    Good luck!
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    You guys are great, thanks for the info. I called and got the skinny on what I have to do, and the fees involved from the testing center in Willard. Now I need to git 'er done.:)
  16. Good Luck Fishpro...I am studying the CDL book right now as well...I have an uncle and a cousin that both drive for a living and they are helpin me out, Its kinda overwhelming but im learning...Hope to be working out of a truck before too long!!!:)
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    pre trip i think was the hardest but i only missed one thing.driving was a breeze.