CC Water Temp. Report 11-29-04

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  1. Water temp. 50 degrees in south pool, 49 degrees in the north pool. Cast for about an hour, trolled the remainder of the time. Found a good concentration of shad on the east side of the island in the north pool , made numerous trolling passing with nothing to show for may effort except one snag. The old plug knocker saved me again.

    I contacted the park office this morning to see if they had set a date for the boat dock removal and they said they had not been given a definite date but thought it would be some time this week. I hated to hear that, it's going to be a long winter.
  2. Just call the park office on the way down there, right before you get there. That way one of them can meet you at the ramp and tend to your boat as you park the truck!


  3. Good idea, I knew I shouldn't have put my boat up for the winter yesterday. I've read several places that the good fall fishing doesn't start until the water temperature gets into the mid 40's.
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    Docks? We don't need no steenking docks! :D :D I have an aluminum semi-V that I just park on the ramp or shoreline. I also have a four stroke that will troll. Now all I need is some half way decent weather and some motivation. Drop me a PM if you like. I have plenty of parking room if you would like to park at the house(Bellbrook) and hit it one day. :)
  5. I appreciate the invite and will be glad to go any time you would like. I’d be coming from Beavercreek so Bellbrook is no problem. Normally I’m free about anytime although this coming Friday would not be good for me.